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“I would never play with anyone’s health, and their reproductive health at that,” a woman wrote to University of Michigan’s football player Jabrill Peppers. “I hope you rot in hell.”

Not only did his fellow student write that about him, she also posted 5,000 flyers on campus claiming that he infected her with chlamydia.


“You really are a despicable piece of s—. Never would I have thought you to be this terrible of a person,” she continued.

“You could die today and I wouldn’t even feel a tinge of sadness in my soul,” she added. “You are the absolute scum of the earth and I wish I never gave you months of my youth to waste.”

The 600 word scathing letter was posted in women’s bathrooms on campus and several buildings, as well as Twitter.

Pepper’s responded to the flyers on Twitter and stated, “The slander is crazy”. “My word is all I have, I will continue to walk w. my chest and chin high. People love bringing someone down. #prayedup.”

Pepper’s accuser said she was infected twice and Peppers knew he had a dirty peen, but didn’t tell her.

“I never so much as had a serious cold until I met you,” she wrote. “Because I’m afraid of what I’ll do to you if I see you, I am writing this. And because you’ve messed up my life, I’m going to do my best to mess up yours.”

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