Sometimes white people don’t even other understand other white people. And in the hilarious BuzzFeed video, “33 Questions White People Have For White People,” questions like, ‘Why do we make it so we only have pumpkin in the fall, I want pumpkin all the time?’ don’t necessarily get answers, but they do make you go “hmmm.”

But of course, there are some white people out there who got offended and screamed reverse racism when the video was posted. Just take a look at a few of the comments BuzzFeed received:

anyone, no matter their race, can experience racism. you can’t say that i can’t interpret a message stating “kill whitey” as racist. (btw this actually happened). it should be commonsense that white people can experience racism too.

Seriously how about the Irish or Italians when they came to America were horrible names and lived in the same slum neighborhoods of NY that are today now dominated by the new cultures currently coming over. Many white predominantly English prodestant whites oppressed and killed and treated Irish as slaves in their own country on their own land and then when Irish came here they suffered took the worst jobs lived in TB filled slum neighborhoods and clawed their way out. Read some history books. Those were my great grandparents. And they never whined to the media for centuries.

Am I the only one who is getting tired of white people being bashed by videos on buzzfeed? Or is it okay because this particular video has white people doing the bashing? To be honest, I do not, and have yet to hear any of my white friends say/do/act in any of the ways mentioned in these videos, and I don’t even see racist attitudes from my mother’s cousin’s best friend’s girlfriend’s brother on facebook. Hey guess what, there are shitty people with shitty attitudes in every single color, just like there are really great people in all those same colors. Including white.

Reverse racism is a real thing. It’s hating your own race, kind of like the people in this video.

It’s funny how the white tears begin to flow every time someone tries to point out the absurdity that some white people embrace. And god forbid it’s one of their own pointing it out. White people hate being picked on, but they’ve done it so well for hundreds of years when it comes to picking on other people.

I still need to know what white people have against seasoning their food.

Image Credit: BuzzFeed YouTube Screenshot/Image Capture

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