We all know catcalling is an issue women face on a daily basis. And to draw attention to this, over the last year reaction videos have been made like: ‘Watch men react to their girlfriends being catcalled’ and ‘Watch fathers react to their daughters being catcalled’. It was only a matter of time to see the sons reacting to their mothers.

The Scene filmed 3 mothers walking down the streets of NYC and their sons reacted to the men who approached them.

Donovan, a black guy, explained that he knows his mother is beautiful, but it still upset him that she was being catcalled on the streets.

“I mean my mother’s beautiful. It happens,” he says. “But I hate it though.”

Another mother, Elizabeth, explained to her son Donovan, that although she loves dressing up and putting on makeup, she avoids doing it when she knows she has to walk down the streets of NYC.

In the scene with Elizabeth walking down the street, a pastor tries to pick her up.

“How I know you must love God with gorgeous eyes like that,” the pastor said. She even explained to her son that it’s their pastor.

As she walked passed another group of men, they repeatedly call her Halle Berry.

“They’re my age,” Tyson said. “She’s too old for you guys. Like go to school.”

One can only hope the men in this video aren’t the type to catcall women, but if they were, hopefully seeing how their mothers are treated will put an end to it.

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  • Me

    It always amazes me how it takes A FRACTION of the shit that happens to black folks to happen to white folks & it becomes a problem that needs solving. Black & Hispanic folks report that nearly 50% of them get harrassed on the streets, compared to a third of white folks, yet most of these videos are orchestrated & marketed to/for white folks. Maybe we’re going about things the wrong way. Maybe we’re complaining to the wrong people or using the wrong strategies to get things done. Whatever it is, it makes me sad that damn near all of us could be suffering to no end, yet let a few white folks feel uncomfortable & hell gets raised. I think it’s time to start studying white folks.

    • Noirluv45

      …and this, Me, is life in a White supremacist society. Whatever happens to them is always going to get front page coverage; if it happens to us, it might be a little section on the back page if it gets mentioned at all. White people are narcissists and they believe they are the axis the world spins on. They’ve proven time and time again that they don’t give a rat’s behind about us. The truth and reality are very difficult to swallow. I don’t have the solution, though…I wish I did.

    • dirtychai

      I think we know that white folks only care about other white folks. And considering that most of these men on the street are men of color, hell is going to be raised indeed.

    • Noirluv45

      The only show the men of color. Lord know, White men do it all the same if not more. They just needed the added effect of showing men of color. Those are the games they play.

    • Me

      True! I notice they always conduct these experiments in diverse parts of NY, where half the passersby are black/brown. So it looks like men of color are doing more dirt than any other men.

    • i mean

      If we take a step back as to why catcalling is such an issue the source seems to be the gentrification of big cities with high populations of brown people. Think about it, 20 years ago post graduate White women from Ohio were NOT living in Brooklyn and the Bronx like they do today. They have to actually interact with Black people, and its freaking them out. I visited NY for a week, Brooklyn to be exact. Not one person made me uncomfortable, men walk past and say “Bless you” and that’s about it. I have had far more terrifying experiences at my white undergraduate school walking around campus, or being out at parties and bars.

    • Dr. Martin Luther King said this quote before he died in 1968. I wanted to show this quote earlier, but now it is the time to show it. He said in Grenada, Mississippi that: “Negroes are poor in Mississippi for one basic reason, and that is that white people have exploited us, they have trampled over us with their iron feet of oppression, and they have denied us opportunity…” Dr. King also told a rally in Laurel in 1968 that: “the thing wrong with America is white racism. White folks are not right…It’s time for America to have an intensified study or what’s wrong with white folk. Anybody that will go around bombing house and churches, there’s something wrong with him.”

  • There should be radical change in society, so women’s rights are respected for real. There is no excuse for catcalling any woman period. There are many people in society who are sick and want to disrespect women. Women should walk down the streets in peace. Black and Brown women have suffered a great deal of catcalling that hasn’t been reported at all. Women in general should have their autonomy and rights protected. If women want to dress up, they have the right to dress up without being harassed or disrespected by other people. The sons certainly have a glimpse of what their mothers have to go through in their daily lives. It’s a shame that mothers have to experience this form of overt disrespect. That is why we have to have awareness. We have to confront evil and we have to realize that women of color suffer these mistreatment heavily too. Women of color suffer not only sexism, but racism as well. That is why more and more black women are classifying themselves as womanists as a means for them to oppose sexism and the system of white supremacy at the same time. We should never tolerate this evil of catcalling at all.