We all know catcalling is an issue women face on a daily basis. And to draw attention to this, over the last year reaction videos have been made like: ‘Watch men react to their girlfriends being catcalled’ and ‘Watch fathers react to their daughters being catcalled’. It was only a matter of time to see the sons reacting to their mothers.

The Scene filmed 3 mothers walking down the streets of NYC and their sons reacted to the men who approached them.

Donovan, a black guy, explained that he knows his mother is beautiful, but it still upset him that she was being catcalled on the streets.

“I mean my mother’s beautiful. It happens,” he says. “But I hate it though.”

Another mother, Elizabeth, explained to her son Donovan, that although she loves dressing up and putting on makeup, she avoids doing it when she knows she has to walk down the streets of NYC.

In the scene with Elizabeth walking down the street, a pastor tries to pick her up.

“How I know you must love God with gorgeous eyes like that,” the pastor said. She even explained to her son that it’s their pastor.

As she walked passed another group of men, they repeatedly call her Halle Berry.

“They’re my age,” Tyson said. “She’s too old for you guys. Like go to school.”

One can only hope the men in this video aren’t the type to catcall women, but if they were, hopefully seeing how their mothers are treated will put an end to it.

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