• BillipPhailey


  • mywordsaremypower

    This is not funny. So it is okay now to use the Cop murdering as a Joke now. 2015 yes is better then 1955 but we have not come that far. The day we come far is when racism no longer is a word, I will be dead long before it happens. Who came up with this? It just makes light of a serious situation that should not be amusing to begin with. How insensitive do you have to be?

  • The end of the sketch was especially disturbing. There is nothing funny about a cop killing an unarmed black human being. We may not have experienced the evils of overt Jim Crow or the Maafa in 2015, but we still have the issues of economic injustice and police terrorism, which existed back in 1955. What we have to deal with now is a reminder about how precious life is and it is a necessity to make a distinction between real humor and showing the image of a cop killing a black person (which is not humorous at all. The video is very insensitive and offensive to black people and to anyone who is opposed to police terrorism).

  • Darkness901

    None of this was funny at all. Didn’t relate to the movie at all. Just flat out stupid.