I’ve seen my fair share of thirst traps on social media, but when a picture of a FAHN father-son duo rolled past my Twitter timeline, I had to stop and say, GATDAMN!

When Correll Stanfield tweeted a picture of himself and his father hanging out over the weekend, the 20-year-old never expected it would blow up like it has.

Since being posted last Saturday, the picture of the two handsome men has been shared more than 16,600 times on Twitter and has garnered over 2,000 likes on Instagram. Oh, and it’s elicited a huge response from folks wanting a piece of the Stanfields.

Many struggled to figure out which man was the father and which was the son (dad is on the right, btw), but most women just wanted to get with Papa Stanfield.

The thirst is absolutely warranted, though. Stanfield and his dad–who’s married and a preacher–are super handsome and proof that properly hydrated and moisturized Black just don’t crack.

I mean…just look!

My main man! Wassup Pops!

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ATL it's been real!

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Seriously, LOOK!

Like father like son 😌

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While Papa Stanfield is happily married, his son said the attention has been “a confidence boost, not that I need one, but it’s cool.”

He’s also single. So ladies…shoot your shot!

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