A white owned farm in Centreville, Virginia received backlash after displaying a Black Lives Matter sign its property and the Fairfax County Fraternal Order of Police called for a boycott of the Cox Farm.

The police said the sign was considered a slap in the face because they think the BLM organization and its followers are anti-police. But Gina Cox, the owner of the farm, said her daughter put up the sign on the property and since it’s her house, she can do what she wants.

“It’s her private property and she can put up any political sign she wants to in her yard,” Cox said. “We treasure our relationship with our local police force, it’s not anything against them at all.”

After having second thoughts about the boycott, the FOP had a change of heart and changed their stance on the sign.

I have removed my post regarding Cox’s Farm because its intent was being misrepresented and the inflammatory nature of…

Posted by Fairfax FOP 77 on Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Erika Totten, a Black Lives Matter activist from D.C, said the movement hasn’t been hijacked and people are just using it as an excuse to attack the organization.

“That’s propaganda being spread in hopes that it will silence the voices of Black people and to heighten the perception that we are threats to be taken down. We are unarmed protesters fighting against police brutality and if that evokes fear into armed, heavily protected police officers they need to find another line of work,” she said.

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