13-whoopi-viola.w529.h529Normally “bish where?” wouldn’t be the appropriate response to a woman as accomplished and respected as Whoopi Goldberg, but something about her recent interview with BET is just a tad — how do you say — Off.

A correspondent asked “The View” co-host what she thought about Viola Davis’ inspiring speech during the Emmy Awards when she accepted her win for Best Lead Actress in a Drama Series and proudly proclaimed: “The only thing that separates women of color from anybody else is opportunity.” Based on her answer, we can guess Whoopi wasn’t one of those women sitting at home reveling in black girl sisterhood, as she told BET:

“I’m not sure what that means. Opportunity to do what? You know what I mean?  The truth of the matter is, there have been plenty of opportunities. Look at Scandal. Kerry Washington is there and she’s working her booty off. But they didn’t vote for her. So maybe the question is, ‘What do you have to do, to get voted on?’ Not that the opportunity is not there. We’ve had lots of opportunities. See now there will be more parts, more dramas because Viola won an Emmy award. The truth is everyone wants an Emmy, the studios, everyone! So they’ll hire more Black women.”

So Whoopi doesn’t get that, in 2015, it’s a shame that a black woman finally took home the Emmy for best lead in a series and that it’s going to take her win for there to be more television parts for us? Or that regardless of Halle Berry’s Academy Award win in 2002, Hollywood is still reluctant to put too many black leads on the big screen? Someone’s been out of the audition process and in their comfy contracted chair for too long.

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  • G

    Whoopi has been a rich and important woman for a very long time. I am starting to think that her more than fortunate circumstances, has clouded her to the reality of most working class African Americans. Now that being said, perhaps even when Whoopi was young and struggling, these were always her sentiments.

    It is more than obvious, Whoopi doesn’t subscribe to the “each one, teach one” philosophy.

    And this ladies and gents, is why we are our own worse enemies.

  • These words are dedicated to Ruby Dee, Dorothy Dandridge, Bette McLaurin, Edna Mae Harris, Pearl Bailey, and so many other Sisters whose talent is eternal. In our generation still, many black people lack the same opportunities that white people have in terms of acting and other areas of the industry. There are masses of black people struggling for acting roles. Viola Davis’ speech was a speech of showing the reality that black talent is not limited. Black talent is strong and vibrant plus diverse. Whoppi Goldberg is known to minimize the problem of racism in the world and she (as Sister Mary Burrell has mentioned) supported a white man using blackface on himself. That alone tells me where Goldberg is at. Whoopi didn’t know what Viola meant. We know what Sister Viola meant.

    Viola Davis said that being black is beautiful and that real opportunity should be given to qualified black actresses in a fair fashion. Real influence and real power is not just black actresses and black actors being placed in front of the screen. It is about also black people being involved in production, directing, owning facilities, and other actions that denote real, authentic power. We still have a problem where stereotypical roles are found in Hollywood and Whoopi ignores that. We, as black people, never want crumbs. We want the bread, the factory that made the bread, and we want to control on the recipe too. We want to altruistically share the bread fairly in our communities. That’s real talk.

  • *NmySkynn70*

    anytime she defends mel gibson (after his rant) you have to wonder where her head is at!