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As the weather around the country cools off and exes of years past start sending out those, “Hey stranger,” texts, it looks like Cuffing Season is officially about to begin.

Soon, folks will be snuggling up with their baes-of-choice to watch a good movie–ehem, or not–and a savvy Texas entrepreneur has just the thing to help you get your Netflix and Chill on responsibly.

After seeing the catchphrase make the rounds on social media, Yousef Okasheh thought Netflix and Chill branded prophylactics would be a cool idea.When a friend showed him a website that allowed shoppers to design their own condom wrappers, he decided to act.

“I saw a couple memes have been floating around, and I was like, ‘Oh my God, I think it would be hilarious to quickly sell [condoms],” Okasheh told Fusion. “I sent the meme to my friend, and he was like, ‘Check it out, make your own style!’ and sent me to the website.”

Within days Okasheh and his friend designed the packaging, created a website, and began selling Netflix and Chill condoms to the public.

While he isn’t expecting to make a boatload of cash and doesn’t consider himself some type of safe sex proponent, Okasheh’s Netflix and Chill condoms could save folks from unwanted pregnancies, or worse, incurable diseases.

In the meantime, the 23-year-old just thinks they’re cool.

“I just think it would be infinitely hilarious if you literally Netflix and Chill with your girl and whip that out,” he explained.

Though Netflix could easily put the kibosh on Okasheh’s whole operation–or worse–sue him for everything he’s got, the recent college grad isn’t too worried.

“I have like $900 to my name so I don’t think they could sue me for too much,” he said.

Hmm…we think he should probably consult an attorney, but in the meantime, grab your Netflix and Chill condoms on Okasheh’s website.

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  • Ajavee

    Okay I am by no means old but what the heck is ‘cuffing season’? I cannot keep up with these new jargons by the younger people.

    • LOL.

      I’m a youngster. Cuffin season is the time of the year during the Fall and Winter where single people (especially young single people) want to be with a person romantically. Cuffin by itself means that both people in a relationship are getting closer emotionally and romantically. Cuffin also means that you want a partner to be yours by yourself or you want an exclusive, monogamous relationship.

    • Ajavee

      Ok gotcha LOL. I am 38 and I consider myself pretty well-versed with the lingo but that one slipped pass me LOL

    • You’re Welcome Sister.

  • Mahogany

    ? haaa the millennias…smh