Earlier this week, Zola, a former dancer from Detroit, broke the internet when she tweeted an absolutely enthralling story about a trip to Florida that almost got her killed.

Full of twists and turns, Zola’s story of stripping, “trapping” (prostitution), and damn near being murdered by rival pimps and a crazy man named Z, went viral and had everybody–and I do mean everybody–talking.

Now, it seems like Zola’s story could get the Hollywood treatment.

According to TMZ, Zola’s been in touch with folks from MTV, VICE, WME and indie filmmakers to see if they can help bring her addicting tale to life. Zola also has a couple of leading ladies in mind–Keke Palmer or Meagan Good.

We could totally see it!

In the meantime, Zola’s considering book deals, married to the boyfriend she mentioned in her trap tale, and is now expecting her first child.

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  • Mary Burrell

    I don’t believe this people like Ava Duverney thinking this garbage is good. I’m shocked and saddened. “Vibing over hoeisms” That alone was cringe worthy. No! Just No!

    • shell

      These women are agents, This is all part of the ploy to lower the value of black women. We have a day and age where sluts wants parades and pedestals, men are now considered women (women of the year) at that, and were getting shot, body slammed, and literally murdered for no reason, and we have hoes writing bs on twitter and people are acting like they deserve a Pulitzer Prize for typical hoe shit

    • vintage3000

      Thank you–look at how long it took Issa Rae to get a deal after the popularity of her web series that showed a flawed but intelligent dimensional Black woman. Now a proud hoe is getting a bigger platform for her work.

    • Mary Burrell

      Something is wrong with that picture and we as black women shouldn’t be okay with this.

    • Mary Burrell

      You tool me to church

  • It’s not my cup of tea to put it lightly.

  • Anonin

    Apparently this Zola chick is a horrible person so a horrible story told from a horrible person does make good entertainment to people.
    Despite all this crazy mess she told about prostitution and murder she was trying to justify feeling as if a flood should happen in Mexico like it did in the bible because of all the cartels and murder.
    Even if a movie gets made lets hope the coins she earns can go to a good lawyer for all the ironic incrimination her story has.

  • Rizzo

    pretty good. made me think about movies like klute, street smart, etc. — dark, suspenseful and dangerous.

    • Mary Burrell

      Jane Fonda was good in Klute

    • Rizzo

      she was :)

  • Briana Young

    Even if you don’t agree with what she wrote about… you have to agree she is smart for thinking outside the box and getting herself noticed!