Angelikque Sutton / Facebook

Angelikque Sutton / Facebook

A horrific story that sounds like the plot of a Lifetime movie made its rounds on news sites this weekend: woman stabs pregnant friend to death and cuts baby from her womb.

According to the New York Daily News, Ashleigh Wade, 22, of the Bronx, NY, told police she stabbed her expectant friend Angelikque Sutton “as many times as she could” Friday.

Police found Wade sitting on the stoop outside her building with her hands covered in blood. Her 27-year-old boyfriend, Angel Praylow, whom she called to come over “because she did something really bad” was standing there with two friends, swaddling the newborn sliced from the mother’s womb in his jacket. Inside, Wade’s apartment was covered in blood as well. It was there that police discovered Sutton, who’d been repeatedly stabbed in her neck and body and had a deep cut across her stomach. On the bathroom floor, a baby’s placenta was found along with a bloody knife nearby.

Initially, Wade tried to convince cops she’d given birth to the child, but later confessed to cutting Sutton’s stomach open to save the unborn child after claiming the pregnant friend lunged at her with a knife and she then wrestled it away and drove it into Sutton’s neck in self-defense.

Both Sutton, who was nearly nine months pregnant before the attack, and her child were rushed to Montefiore Medical Center at the time of discovery. The expectant mother was declared dead around 3:30 p.m. Wade, who was arrested and charged with murder, manslaughter and criminal possession of a weapon, is currently undergoing psychiatric evaluation.

Ashleigh Wade / Facebook

Ashleigh Wade / Facebook

A look through the Facebook page of Wade’s boyfriend provides clues for the potential motive of the attack. Wade referred to herself as Praylow’s “pregnant girlfriend” and, according to the Daily News, “She had registered for gifts at Babies “R” Us, claiming a due date of Nov. 16. Her partner had also been posting pictures of baby clothes and sonograms in recent months to substantiate her claims. Police said they couldn’t confirm if Wade is pregnant or has ever been pregnant because she refused to consent to a medical exam. Her estranged family says in the past she claimed to have had a baby who died. However, she never revealed what hospital she was admitted to or any details to prove it ever happened.”

Wade’s landlord Angela Parris, told the New York Times Wade told her she’d gone to the hospital a few weeks ago to be treated for a condition known as placenta previa in which a placenta partially or fully covers the opening in the mother’s cervix. She posited to the Daily News, “She probably was pregnant in the beginning and lost the baby. She had me fooled terribly.”

Wade apparently had Sutton, who’d recently graduated with a degree in criminal justice, fooled as well. The women reportedly met in fifth grade but lost touch and only recently reconnected via Facebook. “In the days leading up to the murder they had dinner and even went shopping for baby items together,” the Daily News reported. Meanwhile, Sutton’s boyfriend, whom she’d been with for eight years, said they were to be married Friday but, sadly, never made it to the altar.

The only bright light in this tragic story is as of Saturday the couple’s baby, named Genesis, was in stable condition at the hospital.


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