Hundreds of Berkeley High students gather on the steps of a building across from Martin Luther King Jr. Civic Center Park in Berkeley, Calif., on Thursday, Nov. 5, 2015. Students walked out of class on Thursday to stand together against racism after a racist message appeared on their library computers. (Laura A. Oda/Bay Area News Group)

Students at Berkeley High in Berkeley, Calif. walked out of class on Thursday to protest racist messages found around their campus.

According to ContraCosta Times, 1500 students protested after messages were found on the library computers.

A 15-year-old  did confess to posting the slurs and has since been turned over to juvenile probation.

“I think it’s terrific to be able to find out, and rare to solve something like this on the same day,”Berkeley police Officer Byron White said.

The message left on the computers were made to look like an official school web page, and made references to the Ku Klux Klan and lynchings, used a slur to describe African-Americans, and included the phrase, “public lynching December 9th 2015.”

Members of the Black Student Union at the high school issued a statement and were appalled.

“This is an act of blatant terrorism toward the black students and staff members at Berkeley High,” the statement said. “The BSU is disappointed that this happened, but we are not surprised.”

The group’s leaders said that recent incidents — including a noose found on campus and a racist statement published in last year’s yearbook — too often have been ignored by officials.

“We will not allow this to be trivialized like these other horrific instances,” Black Student Union leaders wrote.

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  • Mico

    They are absolutely correct. This person does not need to be in juvenile probation, but treated as any teen affiliated with Isis. Like the BSU said, this was a direct terroristic threat on the lives of students. It should also be investigated as to whether the student was working with anyone else, as well as his parents, family members, or other adults that he knows are affiliated with the KKK or other terrorist organizations like it. They are really trying to ‘ take their country back’ to the 17/1800s huh. This is despicable. For there to even be a BSU in a high school, to me says something about the lack of respect and represention these students receive in that school. This incident and the other one asking racist questions about where your ancestors ‘immigrated’ from, shows the absolute necessity for african/black centered educational centers and schools or the very least those that are non-eurocentric, for our kids.

    • Mico

      Btw Clutch…could you all do an article on what’s happening in Flint, Mi with the lead and other contaminants in their water supply.

    • theresa.

      That’s so true, I’ve never heard of a BSU in a high school. That’s odd.
      I remember when they opened the first afrocentric school here in Toronto, and that was heavily protested against, despite the Jewish, Armenian, Khalsa, etc. schools that they have here for other ethnicities with no opposition.

    • Mico

      Yes many many ethnic communities, have schools or at the very least after school supplements/
      classes/centers, where the students are taught culture, heritage, arts, alongside study skills and the major subjects. It’s always when it comes to black people uniting and showing that we care about our own that we are exclusionary and ‘racist’. I am a proud product of afrocentric education. Eurocentric education kills our children’s spirit, self-esteem, drive to succeed, and joy in learning. That along with the prison to pipeline system, racist and self hating or otherwise incompetent teachers and administration, parents who don’t care and put other things before their child’s education, and american mediocrity are hurting our children. Despite all of these roadblocks, many of our children still manage to succeed and thrive and enjoy education and I am glad for them, but I also want to those who can’t /don’t to thrive too.

    • Preach Sister.

    • Mico

      Thank you Truth. Although I don’t think I am equipped to run a school, when I get established in my career, I want to open an adult and child literacy center, which would include a language center where students whose first language isn’t english can become literate in thier first language and english speakers can learn another language. So I would probably also have cultural and maybe some history classes about the diaspora as well.

    • You’re Welcome Sister Mico

      That’s great of you Sister. I wish much success to your plans. The more that we learn about the Diaspora, the better our souls will become. Learning different languages will improve intelligence, creativity, and cultural respect. So, it is very beautiful of you to want to open an adult and child literacy center. I definitely knew that you had a gift of educating and inspiring other human beings. Many things happen for a reason. I thank you for reminding me that bigotry has no place in any society and that we will fight for real solutions in the world. Also, the history of the Diaspora is interesting from Afro-Iranians, Afro-Turks, Afro-Brazilians, and Afro-Australians too. Learning something new is never age limited. People of all ages have the right to learn about their culture and their historical significance in the world stage.

    • Mico

      As always thank you for your words Truth. I guess I am an educator lol….just not fit for a traditional classroom. I have always had a love for reading, and a literacy advocate. Some recent health challenges have made me even more appreciative of this gift, and even more empathetic to those who are illiterate. Knowledge is power, so I know my main reason for being on this earth is to spread gods love. The gifts that he has given me means that I can help those who don’t know, or need assistance gain access to information and knowledge about anything they need to. As always, keeping speaking a word.

    • You’re Welcome Sister.

      Reading is so lovely and it can cause us to improve our creativity too. The rest of your words are so Sweet. You’re not alone. We all here send prayers about your health challenges. We all respect you here and we care for you. That is what our community is all about. Spreading God’s Love is always sacrosanct. Yes, I will keep on learning and speaking the truth. Nothing will turn us around. Empathy is so great. It’s so important for us to show that spark of compassion towards fellow human beings. You have a great light. You always show eloquent words and we all love your insights. Helping others and knowing about the truth just feels good and it’s the right thing to do.

  • CoolChic

    I applaud the response to this terroristic threat.

  • No one should take this lying down. An evil person posted racial slurs and a terrorist threat. Members of the BSU responded in the right way by protesting. Protesting is not only found in the First Amendment of the Bill Rights. It is a great universal human right that should be exercised to confront injustice. The human dignity of black students and any student must be respected. It is disturbing for the high school to have other racist incidents too. As black people, we are fighting not only against police brutality, but against racism in our schools and throughout the streets of America including the world. We have to use our powerful voices to not tolerate racism of any form. Also, we should unify and help each other as a community. This is why black students should always receive and education that deals with African topics and an Afrocentric mentality (as Africa is the continent of the origin of all human life. No education is truly complete without a concrete study of Africa). I do agree with the establishment of more African-centered schools too. We are in solidarity with the students protesting and we will never back down. We will continue to fight and we desire that justice is shown in the Universe and where the Promised Land is made real for all.

  • Mary Burrell

    A young whites supremacist in the making