Daddy Don't Go

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The deadbeat dad narrative is well-known in our community, but while single mothers routinely receive praise for providing for their children, rarely does anyone shed light on the socioeconomic pressures struggling fathers face in their quest to handle their responsibilities.

Omar Epps and Malik Yoba are aiming to flip the script, literally, as executive producers of a new documentary directed by Emily Abt, Daddy Don’t Go, which follows the journey of four young fathers attempting to navigate parenthood.

Alex, Nelson, Roy and Omar are the four young fathers documented in the film, offering up and oft-neglected look into the lives of low-income fathers attempting o be present in their children’s lives in spite of limited means. Check out the trailer below which will make its debut at the 2015 DOC NYC later this month.

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  • Charles Johnson

    looking forward to seeing it

  • It’s certainly a necessary and emotional documentary. Fathers have been stereotyped, demonized, and slandered. Courageous fathers who take care of their children deserve true respect. A strong father will always sacrifice for their kids. The documentary shows fathers loving their children and doing all that they can to take care of them. We live in an age of recession and austerity, so many families struggle to survive literally. Many bad socioeconomic conditions truly are real in the lives of many human beings. That is why I advocate liberation for the proletariat. The documentary shows an important issue. Certainly, the fathers in the video desire the best for their children and it’s an inspirational video. Strong families are always important and strong, caring fathers should be respected.

  • RaiseTheBar

    Congratulations to Omar Epps, Malik Yoba and everyone else involved with bringing this documentary to fruition.

    Thank you Clutch for this article updating the status of the documentary.