A jury has been selected in the trial against a former Oklahoma City police officer accused of sexual assault. Eight men and four women, all of whom are white, will serve on the jury for Daniel Holtzclaw. All of Holtzclaw’s victims were Black, and there are of course Black people in Oklahoma City, but none were selected for the jury.

Prosecutors allege Holtzclaw committed crimes ranging from burglary to sexual assault against 13 women while he was on duty.

The Oklahoma City Police Department fired Holtzclaw in January. He was arrested in August 2014 after an investigation. At that time, seven victims had come forward. An additional six victims were identified after the initial charges were filed.

Holtzclaw was initially given a $5 million bond, but the bond was reduced to $500,000. He bonded out of jail, but violated the terms when he went to a doctor’s appointment without notifying the court. He served a short jail sentence and was allowed to go back on house arrest, but his bond was increased to $609,000.

Earlier this year, Holtzclaw had a second bond violation when his ankle monitoring system went dead. He was required to keep it charged. He was put back in jail, where he has been since that incident.

Media coverage of Holtzclaw’s trial has been bare minimum. One has to assume it’s because the victims are Black women.


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