Talk about coming out of the darkness of irrelevancy. David Justice, who was married to Halle Berry from 1992-1997, aired his business all over Twitter, Monday night.

When Berry and Justice divorced, rumors of infidelity and abuse surrounded Justice. From being called the one who caused her to go deaf in an ear, to cheating on her with groupies and drug use, Justice tweeted a warning to Berry’s soon-to-be ex, Olivier Martinez.


I guess one can assume that the “WS” Justice referred to is Wesley Snipes, who has never admitted or denied hitting Berry. It seems as though Berry never said Justice was the abuser, she never denied he wasn’t.

I’m not one to speculate on Berry’s marriages, relationships, etc, but writer Stereo Williams summed it up perfectly with one tweet.


Photo credit: People Magazine

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  • binks

    To play devil’s advocate, I can see where he is coming from with being falsely accused. If he wasn’t her abuser than it is unfair to keep associating his name with it, so publications need to get there facts straight on that part. However, from reading his tweets (and it seems that Eric Benet is chiming in) there seems to be a lot of unresolved issues and a lot of untold stories in these relationships. I am not saying their version of events are correct or accurate so therefore Halle Berry is the devil but it seems that there is more to their stories. But I do think all parties need to move on because the past is the past.

    BUT AMEN to Stereo Williams! I am tired of women getting the blunt of the blame for being a “failure” at relationships while men gets the “oh well, that is how it goes.” Newsflash: a relationship takes TWO in order for it to be a successful, so these so called “failures” are just as much as theirs then they are hers. I am so sick and tired of the clueless, failure, and naive single women trope but a man can make millions by telling what to do despite being married three times…side eye.

  • His words are petty. He is gossiping on a relationship that he knows nothing about. After all of these years, he wants to criticize the relationship of another grown woman. Justice should have justice either not say anything or wish the best for all
    parties involved. There is a double standard where men divorce multiple times and are criticized much less if a woman divorced multiple times (as outlined by Stereo Williams). In the final analysis, Halle Berry is entitled to her own happiness. She needs to live her own life.

  • Lelani

    The world has it in for a beautiful black woman. Everyone seem to have a stake In your failure or trying to identify your weakness. David Justice was 2 divorces and at least 3 relationships ago. He could have kept his comments to himself. Don’t knock a person when they are down, especially because there are children involved.