Talk about coming out of the darkness of irrelevancy. David Justice, who was married to Halle Berry from 1992-1997, aired his business all over Twitter, Monday night.

When Berry and Justice divorced, rumors of infidelity and abuse surrounded Justice. From being called the one who caused her to go deaf in an ear, to cheating on her with groupies and drug use, Justice tweeted a warning to Berry’s soon-to-be ex, Olivier Martinez.


I guess one can assume that the “WS” Justice referred to is Wesley Snipes, who has never admitted or denied hitting Berry. It seems as though Berry never said Justice was the abuser, she never denied he wasn’t.

I’m not one to speculate on Berry’s marriages, relationships, etc, but writer Stereo Williams summed it up perfectly with one tweet.


Photo credit: People Magazine

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  • Shazza

    Realistically, when MOST relationships start, you’re the perfect man or woman until you’re not. I feel sorry for Halle because despite what Justice says, EVERYONE blames her. I read a lot of comments calling her ‘crazy’, a ‘trainwreck’ as if these folks know her. It’s really interesting that Olivier Martinez has beaten up Gabriel and a photographer but no one mentions that. I don’t know why David Justice decided to start tweeting all this. I guess lacking for attention…

  • Mahogany

    Let that woman be.

  • Ang

    The tweet from Stello Williams nailed it. Women need to stop supporting this double standard. I’m willing to bet alot of the women who buy Steve Harvey’s books would laugh in Halle Berry’s face if she offered them dating advice.

  • Noirluv45

    “Like I said, divorces make Halle Berry a “failure” but they make Steve Harvey an expert.” Bingo!!!!

  • Noirluv45

    Wow! Take about DJ throwing shade…damn!