Family Guy’s popularity in due in large part to their constant envelope pushing, hold nothing back commentary and reenactments so it’s no real surprise that they would take aim at The Cosby Show for kicks.Sunday’s episode featured the Griffin family sitting down to watch the show but the opening credits is what made this scene slightly different from any other nostalgic night spent in front of the television. Bill Cosby, who has been accused of drugging and sexually assaulting more than 50 women, portrays Cliff Huxtable per usual but is seen dancing around his passed out female cast mates in Family Guy’s version of the opening. The punchline, delivered by Peter Griffin – “Huh. I was so busy not seeing color, I didn’t see the raping either.”

What are your thoughts on the recreation? Is there anything remotely funny about it?

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  • mywordsaremypower

    This was poor taste. I can still like Cosby Show but can still separate the man from the Character, I know some cannot. Some of Family guys comedy is not borderline problematic it is problematic but because it in a disguise of a cartoon character its okay? I get it is meant to be some sort of satire but a lot of dummies watch this show and this were they get their information believe it or not. I feel it bad to make light of serious situation and then embroil other people who were not involved.I love how Bill Cosby is under scrutiny as he should be, but I cannot just ignore the double standard. Woody Allen was in a world where his misdemeanors could be overlooked with his child sexual abuse allegations and a lot of high profile people backed him up and his career is still thriving and Bill’s is more then dormant it’s been buried and the eulogy has been read. Both of these men’s careers should be dead as even though the circumstances surrounding them are alleged it does not mean one should be opened back with open arms.I understand that Bill has a lot more female victims compared to Woody Allen and his alleged victims but they could silent and still out there and too scared to come forward. It is better to be White then Black in Hollywood. Hollywood forgives White but exiles Black. I have seen the pattern way to many times. So Seth any Woody Allen scenes coming up soon?

    • Mico

      Exactly..i said something similar in the thread of the R.Kelly post. As many of these celebrities who were calling out, distancing, and shaking their heads at Bill Cosby(as they should imo), are to this day continuing to work with and refuse to call out Woody Allen and Terry Richardson and the like.

    • Excellent point Sister.

      The double standards are ever real.

    • Mico

      Yes they are. Despite all the tragedy and death going on I hope you and the other commenters are having a good week. The holidays are coming up soon so I’m hoping things will look up then as we spend time with our friends and families.

    • Thank you for your kind words Sister. Yes, I’m having a good week. We all send prayers and condolences to the victims’ friends and families of the Paris attacks. There is nothing like friends and family. They inspire us and they encourage us in our lives.

  • It is unfortunately a reality that we live in a society that wants to make light of rape in that away. They claim that this is just satire, but there are dozens of women who have been brutalized and raped. Cosby has shown his hypocrisy by condemning many poor black people, but he hasn’t lived up to the standards that he has lectured to black people about. Therefore, Cosby has a nefarious character like rapists of every color have a nefarious character. There can be satire about many things, but showing a skit like this about a rape scandal is not my cup of tea. Many of the victims today will fill hurt and more feelings of trauma if they watch that episode. So, I won’t watch that clip.

    • Noirluv45

      I watched the clip, and it was in poor taste. It wasn’t funny at all.

    • I agree with you Sister. The whole clip wasn’t funny.

    • Noirluv45

      Sure wasn’t, Truth.

    • Family Guy is known for showing controversial show. Sometimes, things go too far and that display went too far.

    • Mico

      I may be biased but to me The Simpsons have done a better job of true satire and joking about society than Family Guy. Family Guy always seemed like that white frat boy American Pie type humor, while The Simpsons was more like blue collar humor reminiscent of like Roseanne.

    • That is one way to put it. Family Guy deals with a less nuisance look to satire than the Simpsons. The early seasons of the Simpson has great satire galore.

    • Mico

      Absolutely Truth. I haven’t watched any new episodes in the last 4/5 years so I have no clue about those but definitely earlier Simpsons was all about satire and really calling attention to the ironies in pop culture.

    • Indeed Sister.

      The new episodes of the Simpsons seem to try to recapture their original creativity. Yes, the older Simpsons did outline tons of satire about pop culture, other aspects of modern society, and other social issues. Family Guy conversely leaves nothing to the imagination. They are overtly graphic and in your face.

  • Noirluv45

    I couldn’t get the video to play here, but I saw it on another site and was not impressed. I didn’t crack a smile, and as others have said, rape is not a laughing matter.