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An 11-year-old South Carolina boy is being called a hero, after he pushed his younger sister out-of-the-way of a car, before it struck and killed him.

La’Darious and Sha’Vonta Wylie, 7, were waiting at bus stop when Michelle Johnson’s, 57, car approached. La’Darious pushed his sister out-of-the-way, but he was hit. As Sha’Vonta got up to safety, Johnson had already left the scene.

“He knew to look out for her,” his mother, Elizaberth McCrorey, told The Herald.

La’Darious died the next day, and his mother has donated his organs to give other children a chance to survive. Johnson was charged with a felony hit and run, and faces up to 25 years in prison. She is currently out on bond.

La’Darious’s funeral is set for today, and his mother just wishes for one thing.

“I don’t hate her – I just wish she had stopped.”

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  • BillipPhailey

    sigh. I feel him. I love my lil sis too. I will NEVER understand a hit and run.

    • Mico

      Me either….and how could you just leave a child like that smh. The whole situation is too sad, but his spirit will live on and he is an example that heroes exist no matter what age they are.

  • Such a tragedy. The young boy is a hero. He passed away because of the reckless action of another person. The child’s mother is gracious and strong too. I send prayers and condolences to the boy’s family.

  • Mico

    Aww what a cutie pie angel. May he rest peacefully and all of my condolences to his sister, mother, and other family members. He is with the other ancestors and will watch over his sis and family.

  • Mary Burrell

    Bless his sweet soul may he rest in peace i hope the person who hit him is caught and punished