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With a mom as over the top fabulous as Kimora Lee Simmons, we’re pretty sure her 15-year-old daughter Ming Lee was only slightly embarrassed when her mom advised her and her girlfriends not to “pop their coochie like a rubber band.” The mogul mom schooled the group of girls on safe sex during an impromptu lesson telling them to wrap it up.

“I tell everybody just don’t do it at all!” the 40 year young model explains while demonstrating with a hair tie. “And wrap it up. Do you see this?”, she says while shaking a box of crackers. “Wrap it up!”

How would your teen sex ed lesson go down? What points would be sure to cover?

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  • Rizzo

    i always liked kimora … still do

  • I’m speechless.

    Some things should be taught best in private.

    I was taught sex-ed by my parents and by the school.

  • HighFashionJunkie

    Kimora needs to teach her daughter how NOT to take the same route that she’s taken (multiple baby daddies).

    • You are keeping it all the way 100.

    • HighFashionJunkie

      Hey Truth! you know it! i mean if it were a BW with as many kids by different men as Kimora has, it would be frowned upon.

    • Sister,

      A BW with the same story as Kimora would be called every name but a child of God.

      Good Afternoon to you Sister.

    • uhoh-ohno

      People love to ignore the obvious. She’s had 3 HUSBANDS, not baby daddies. Each of those men is, at the very least, fiscally responsible for the children they sired with Kimora; and even if they weren’t, Kimora has millions of dollars of her own. It makes no sense to equate Kimora with poorer women that have multiple children with unwed partners, who don’t even come close to having the type of resources she has, or front like Kimora’s children’s fathers aren’t her ex-husbands.

  • Mary Burrell

    Why couldn’t this be private why is it viral for the whole world?

    • Ang

      Parents are more starved for attention than the kids. Smh.