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This past Valentine’s Day, the cinema realm brought us the highly anticipated Fifty Shades Of Grey, based on the popular piece of literature that left lots of folks half gasping for air and half shaking their heads in disbelief. Just short of a year later, Marlon Wayans is making his own mark on the saucy adaptation with Fifty Shades Of Black.

Wayans stars as Christian Black, who much like the original Christian Grey, is a billionaire executive in pursuit of a young woman (played by Kali Hawk). The movie follows the same basic plot points as Fifty Shades Of Grey but in classic Wayan’s fashion, Marlon tackles whiteness, black stereotypes and in a brief tease, Kim Kardashian’s Paper cover shoot.

Watch the trailer for the film, directed by Michael Tiddes and hitting theaters January 29th above and let us know what you think!

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