Friday, the White House Council on Women and Girls hosted an all day summit examining ways to improve the lives of women and girls of color. To aid the cause, the Obama Administration announced it would be allocating $118 million in public-private funds.

The Ms. Foundation, in conjunction with Prosperity Together (a collective of 20 women’s foundations), will donate $100 million over five years to improve the economic outcomes of low-income women, and the Collaborative to Advance Equity to Research, which includes colleges and universities, will invest another $18 million to support research efforts targeting women and girls of color.

The White House Council on Women and Girls has identified five issue areas where interventions can promote opportunities for success, including; fostering school success and reducing unnecessary exclusionary school discipline, meeting the needs of vulnerable striving youth; inclusive stem education; sustaining reduced rates for teen pregnancy; and aiding in economic prosperity.

While the challenges face women and girl of color are great, this initiative is a good start in addressing their needs.

Watch the entire summit below. 

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  • BSuga

    Who are these ” private” investors? If people took time to look into the young male program they would see that most Black and grassroots organizations were shut out by the guidelines. 100 Black men wrote a public letter calling the program out.

    Who will be coming in contact with our girls is important to know. And how many actual Black girls will be served under ” women and girls of color”.
    I am generally wary of Black folks and government programs regardless who sits in the Oval Office

    • Rizzo

      ‘Who will be coming in contact with our girls is important to know. And how many actual Black girls will be served under ” women and girls of color”.’
      these are very interesting questions for very serious thought and consideration.

    • D1Mind

      Whenever you hear ‘women and girls of color’ that means everybody under the sun except black folks. Keep in mind the unique circumstances that black folks faced in America. Yet they consistently lump Africans with other people as if they all faced the same issues in America, when they did not. So yes, they will use black folks in the PR campaign, but just as civil rights mainly has benefited white women and recent immigrants, don’t expect much benefit for black folks.

    • Daisy Fields

      I was skeptical when I first read the title. In the UN Blacks cannot have any beneficial legations unless it benefits everybody unlike other groups because other groups get upset. I hope that changes someday. thank for sharing your thoughts.