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A defiant President Obama addressed reporters Monday at the G-20 Summit in Turkey. While the previously scheduled talks were to focus on jump starting the world’s economy, the conversation quickly turned to the recent terrorist attack in Paris.

President Obama called ISIS “the face of evil” and reiterated America’s goal is to “destroy this barbaric organization.”

To this end, the president pledged even greater cooperation between French and American intelligence officials.

While President Obama had harsh words for ISIS, he cautioned against stereotyping all Muslims because of this latest attack. He also warned against blaming Syrian refugees for terrorism and “slamming the door” in their faces.

“The people who are fleeing Syria are the most harmed by terrorism…they are parents, they are children, they are orphans.” the president said. “It is very important that we do not close our hearts to these victims of such violence and somehow start equating the issue of refugees with the issue of terrorism.”

During the press conference, Mr. Obama also had some tough words for his critics who blasted the president for not being “tough enough” on ISIS.

“If folks wanna pop off and have opinions about what they think they would do, present a specific plan,” he said, noting America should not “shoot first and aim later” when it comes to fighting the terrorist organization.

Though the situation is extremely challenging, the president said his mission is clear: “My only interest is to end suffering and keep the American people safe.”


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  • Now people around the world are going to google “pop off”

  • I’m not surprised that many Republicans and Democratic governors refuse to accept Syrian refugees even if they are vetted in a comprehensive fashion. Both major parties have shown their face that many of their members are in love with more militarist rhetoric than freedom and justice for all. Huckabee ironically anti-spiritual statements about Syrian refugees shows that he doesn’t know a single (solitary) thing bout foreign policy. These refugees are the victims of terror themselves and it would be asinine to assume that bombing first and ask questions later is a reasonable policy position. A real policy would be to respect the migrant rights of refugees, to organize summits to address this problem, and organize international movements to solve this problems. I have done the research. I have studied the maps. Isis has lost territory as compared to a year ago in Syria territory (as a product of Kurdish forces too). For Inhofe to say that garbage that he has said, it’s a disgrace. We live in a generation where people now want to equate refugee with terrorist. That’s a shame.

    • The 5th MenQce

      Continuing our current military stance on the extremist may be continuing a never ending cycle. The problem is we are fighting an idea. An idea of hate that is cloaked inside a country. Therefore our Geneva convention tactics are not adequate enough. ie the Vietnam conflict. Tactically, we have three options, an all out invasion, 100% personnel regression, or the distant third add pressure to the middle eastern countries in order to have them drive out the enemy. The latter is flimsy. ie the Afghan Army or Iraqi forces. To address your last point, yes, they are refugees. However, accepting them will destroy the peace of mind of the American citizen. At what point does the safety of our land supersede the plight of other countries? You speak of vetting… that’s fair. But I offer you this; It is the job of an extremist to beat security measures. They are smart, hateful, and tactically/technically sound. In theory, this could be the biggest Trojan horse…ever. Is this 100% fair or true? No. But are you willing to risk anymore American lives, on domestic soil?

    • Currently a war mongering, neo-conservative policy will cause chaos. Bombing first and then asking questions as the neo-cons want is no real strategy. The current strategy is not working either since that strategy has war mongering too. The lives of Americans matter and also the lives of those in the Middle East matter as well. The west is known for its hypocrisy. It has preached the world about democracy and opposition to terrorism, but has regularly enacted terrorism and violations of international law throughout centuries (and has committed terrorism just like ISIS has committed terrorism). ISIS is a group with roots from al-Qaeda and Western imperialist foreign policy. Hollande has invoked an emergency clause in order to enact a police state. No one is advocating using a naïve mentality when dealing with ISIS. People are advocating treating refugees as humans and not slandering all of them as terrorists as many GOP candidates for Presidents have done. A massive U.S. ground invasion will cause more instability in that region as have the Iraqi invasion and occupation has taught the world. Permanent militarism and internal suppression of human rights in France are never long term solutions. You talk about the Vietnam conflict. It’s a known fact that Operation Phoenix, etc. was a complete violation of the Geneva Convention as that unjust, evil Vietnam war has been condemned by Dr. King, Muhammad Ali, Malcolm X, and other heroes. That war should have never taken place when it could have been solved back during the 1940’s. The refugees are victims of a deadly civil war. They are not the organizers of terrorism collectively.

      Accepting refugees after a stringent vetting process (and after years) is fair. I find it hypocritical for the neo-cons to say that America should never accept refugees, but U.S. foreign policy contributed to the chaos in the first place. Not all Americans are xenophobes who condemn any refugee as terrorists. What really is risking Americans lives is the status quo and the advocacy of total war in the region without a political long term solution. The terrorists aren’t just ISIS. The terrorists are Western folks who have done torture, abuse of civilians, and other war crimes. They are terrorists too. To do nothing to help refugees (not even sending them humanitarian aid) when Western imperialists contributed to the destruction of many areas of the Middle East since the picot-Sykes Agreement of 1917 is the height of hypocrisy. So, international summits, coalitions, and policies are needed to rectify the situation.