Rachel Dolezal sat down with the ladies of The Real for yet another interview about why she lied about her race. While other interviewers have allowed Dolezal to continue talk up her Black bona fides, the talk show hosts weren’t trying to hear it.

Both Loni Love and Tamar Braxton weren’t cutting Dolezal any slack, with Braxton throwing Dolezal tons of girl you tried it shade, especially after Dolezal said she’d “walked the walk of a Black woman.”



When asked if she’d ever experienced a lack of opportunities while pretending to be Black, Dolezal seemed to relish the fact that police officers checked “Black” on her traffic tickets. Umm…ok. 

After arguing that she should be still be able to identify as Black because, in Dolezal’s opinion, Blackness can be “philosophical,” co-host Jeannie Mai made it plain.

“Rachel, you’re not Black,” Mai said, seeming to catch Dolezal off guard.

After being called out, Dolezal begrudgingly acknowledged she’s white, but there’s a catch: she still identifies as a Black woman.

Girl, bye.

Check out Dolezal’s appearance on The Real below. 

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