Republican frontrunner Ben Carson is a great storyteller. In fact, the former surgeon has published several best-selling books, and has inspired many with his tales of overcoming poverty to become one of the most respected men in the medical community.

While Carson’s narrative has been public knowledge for years, his personal story is now being scrutinized by the media for the first time as he runs for the GOP presidential nomination.

Under the spotlight, Carson’s childhood memories and collection of controversial statements sound a little…cooky.

First, there’s the story about almost stabbing someone; then, there’s the one about trying to hit his mother with a hammer; and of course, there were his statements about slavery, the Egyptian pyramids, and the lack of fossils.

Yeah…Carson’s said a lot of interesting things, and for once, SNL got it right.

Take a look.

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  • This is bound to happen.

    • Chazz A

      Yes indeed, he has become the Repub’s favorite black white man

    • It is what it is. LOL.

    • Chazz A


    • Rizzo

      homey don’t play dat …

    • Chazz A

      Thats right lol

    • binks

      I miss In Living Color! Heck, I even miss MadTV. There skit would have blown this out of the water. But this was still good.

    • Chazz A

      Yes, it was a funny show and I still watch the reruns whenever I can. The Wayans brothers made history and also helped launch quite a few careers as well.

  • vintage3000

    Is it bad that at first I wondered who the guy is playing his mother-lol