“A community for NYU students of European descent” —  NYU White Student Union

Someone thought it was a good idea to start a Facebook page dedicated to celebrating whiteness at NYU. The NYU White Student Union is now under fire by the school, but the administration doesn’t know the creator.

The page states:

“We condemn the cowardly campaigns of moral subjugation and propaganda that seek to instill self-hatred and surrender within European-American youth and justify the continued invasion and degradation of the lands, institutions, and cultural heritage that is rightly ours.”


And some also think the page is a ‘prank’ after 4Chan posts suggests people were encouraged to start similar pages at “the most leftist colleges and universities in the western world.”



The page has posted articles to right-wing media sites such as Breitbart and people have posted their support on the page.

We welcome students of European descent (and allies) to follow and contribute to the Virginia Commonwealth White Student…

Posted by VCU European Student Union on Sunday, November 22, 2015

In an interview with The Tab the alleged creator of the site said they’re liberal arts undergrad at the school from New Jersey.

“The atmosphere on campus now is very racially charged,” the founder said.

“Race is all that is being talked about. But white people effectively have no voice here because our voice is systematically excluded from discussion.”

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