1205012107173751Yelp can be a cesspool of complaints, but a recent study shows if you’re a minority business owner, you’re probably going to get more complaints because, racism, especially in New York City.

The Journal of Consumer Culture conducted the study and according to them, if reviews done in New York City are more critical of minority business owners.

With a study size of 7,000 reviews, the study’s authors from CUNY, looked at the reviews of ‘trendy’ restaurants in Bedford-Stuyvesant and Greenpoint neighborhoods of Brooklyn, and they found that 1056 reviews that focused on BedSty had adjectives such as dangerous,” “hood,” “ghetto,” and “sketchy”. Whereas the reviews from other neighborhoods like Greenpoint, used words such as “authentic” and “cozy”.

As someone who sometimes cringes when reading reviews, left by white people on black restaurants, you can always read between the lines when they use their ‘coded’ language. So nothing from this study really shocks me.

But I guess since gentrification is wide-spread, they really won’t have any minority businesses left to complain about eventually. Then they’ll be happy to get their ethnic food from a white owned business.

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  • The sickness and evil of racism is apparently shown in the reviews. Black owned businesses are known for their strength and cultural vitality. The crass language used by the racists to describe black enterprises are immature and crass. Many white owned businesses have serious issues. The mentality of being colorblind must be extinguished permanently, because more unity in the black community is total necessity.

    • Chazz A

      I tell people don’t bother with Yelp, especially in my city, because its infested with racist trolls and pranksters. I seriously doubt that any of them have been to the businesses that they review.

    • I haven’t heard of Yelp until today. I do believe that many of the racist trolls aren’t just poor people. Many of them are business executives, politicians, and other people who are very wealthy. They certainly don’t respect black businesses or black culture in general. I agree with you that they probably never been to the businesses at all.

    • Chazz A

      Good point. The internet has become a playground for people to attack others while hiding behind fake identities without having to face their consequences. Some of the trolling may be competitors trying to drive out minority businesses also.

    • Yes, trolls have many purposes. Some are stone cold racists and others are racists who desire to eliminate the competition. Racism like always deals with jealousy, an inferiority complex, and instability. The purpose of a troll is to try to break stable communications.

  • Justmythoughts

    I guess the question nobody wants to ask is are the reviews true? Just because a white patron leaves the review doesn’t mean it isn’t true.