Waller County, Texas officials are asking the court to dismiss a lawsuit filed by Sandra Bland’s family by claiming the 28-year-old took her own life while in police custody because she couldn’t make bail.

The amount? $515.

“It is apparent now that Bland’s inability to secure her release from jail—and her family and friends’ refusal to bail her out of jail—led her to commit suicide,” a filing by Waller County lawyers claims.

The town’s counsel says police followed the proper procedures by asking Bland if she was suicidal, and allege Bland attempted to repeatedly call a male friend so he could post her bail, but he failed to do so.

“She also made contact with at least one of her sisters, who advised she would not bail Bland out of jail,” the brief states. “Bland also made contact with a bail bondsman, who in turn made contact with Bland’s mother and possibly the relatives. However, none of her friends and family provided the approximately $515 necessary to bail her out of jail.”

Bland was arrested back in July after failing to signal during a lane change. The Chicago native had just relocated to Texas to start a new position at Prairie View A&M University. Bland’s family disputes the town’s claims that she was suicidal and would have taken her life because she wasn’t bailed out of jail right away.

Cannon Lambert, a lawyer for Bland’s family, said Waller County’s motion to dismiss the lawsuit is premature.

“It is very, very early in this litigation for them to have filed that kind of motion,” Lambert said. “They’re making allegations about what my clients know or what my clients did, without even having spoken to them, and I’m curious about how it is they can come to the conclusion that [Bland’s male friend] was ignoring phone calls . . . They’ve certainly not given us any statements in discovery that reflects that that’s the case.”

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  • Terry Turner

    What a good strategy for them, still won’t admit.

    • HighFashionJunkie

      right; they don’t want that wrongful death lawsuit to ever to take place.

  • lis

    Will ANYONE March for Sandra Bland?

  • The cops in this case have made their views clear. They have no respect for Sandra Bland when she was alive and certainly they have no compassion for her after she passed away. The truth is important here and the truth is that Sandra Bland was brutally assaulted by a “cop” before she was placed into jail. The family of Sandra Bland is entitled to defend Sister Sandra Bland and they are executing a lawsuit. The lives of black women matters. We will promote the human rights of black people.

    RIP Sandra Bland.

  • mywordsaremypower

    This is untruthful and very disgusting of them. Anything to get off with being charged or held culpable for her untimely death. Another way to assassinate her family and her character. RIP SANDRA BLAND.