Donald Trump must have thought he had a group of Black clergy in the palm of his hands. But either the Black ministers backed out after catching flack, or it was never really an endorsement. Last week, Trump released a memo that stated, “Mr. Trump will be joined by a coalition of 100 African-American evangelical pastors and religious leaders who will endorse the GOP front-runner after a private meeting at Trump Tower.”

But as of Monday, Trump has cancelled his event with these alleged clergy members.

“It’s a miscommunication,” said Darrell Scott, the senior pastor of New Spirit Revival Center in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, . Scott is the person who was helping with organizing the meeting with the pastors and Trump. Trump’s campaign “thought it was going to be a press conference for an endorsement when it wasn’t,” Scott said Sunday in an interview.

Trump is obviously trying to get the Black vote, but does he realize it’s not going to help?

A spokesman for Trump’s campaign says he still plans to meet with some Black ministers privately. Maybe they’ll rebuke him from his racist ways.

In an open letter on Ebony, Black leaders who oppose Trump had this to say:

“Trump’s racially inaccurate, insensitive and incendiary rhetoric should give those charged with the care of the spirits and souls of black people great pause.” They also expressed concern that the meeting on Monday would “give Trump the appearance of legitimacy among those who follow your leadership and respect your position as clergy.”


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  • Trump recently had a private meeting with many black clergypeople.

  • Laurice Tatum

    Once again the media is giving only half the story. These reporters who
    have sold their soul to the Beelzebub. Working on behalf of the the
    political establishment of both parties and more currently the RNC and
    ROVE. “Oh oh oh before I forget “Carl” if our founding fathers had
    wanted a monarchy in America, they would have included such in the US

    as far as the cancellation of today’s meeting. What isn’t being
    reported in many reports is the fact that even though there were a few
    who had not yet come to a decision. Trump chose to postpone the meet in
    order to give them adequate time to see what he will be able to do for
    them. Note the key words “for them.” If I could talk to the clowns at
    media sources and the RNC as well as the Dummicrat National Committee I
    would say stop your lunacy of painting Trump as something he’s not. He’s
    clearly not a racist as you feebly try to portray him.

    The American people aren’t stupid.

    • Guest

      You deserve a raise. Exceptional!

    • Laurice Tatum

      Ha ha ha – being unemployed will make a raise difficult. I’d just be happy with a job!!!

    • Guest