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As excited as you are to eat this Thursday and spend time with loved ones you haven’t seen for a while, we know there’s an equal amount of trepidation about being around that one auntie or cousin who’s asking or saying something totally inappropriate But fear not, Twitter has come through, as it always does, with every single #ThansgivingClapBack could ever need on Turkey Day just in case someone thinks about trying it.

For the homophobic family member

For the natural hair shamer


For the body shamer

For the single shamer

For the relative you never saw before that’s acting too familiar

For the saved and sanctified saint

For the person who talks to much

For the person always asking stupid questions


For the instigator

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  • OSHH

    I don’t like these. Say something offhand but kind to rudeness or nothing at all.

    • theresa.

      Same. Although I do admit, I laughed at some, but I could never imagine saying any of these to any of my older relatives. Many are really disrespectful.

  • Anonin

    Alot of these are mostly aimed at female relatives I see.

    • Emily

      Yuppers. You know how the community do.

  • Ang

    Apparently the people who made these have a poor opinion of marriage or have a lot of family members with marriage problems. Does everyone have aunties who have been married 3 times and have no edges? Not feeling all the jabs at black women. Who would actually speak to their family like this? Guess I don’t get Twitter humor. *shrugs*

  • Emily

    Black on black pathology… ruining, even, Thanksgiving. *why we don’t rise*… There’s nothing cute about this nonsense. When you hate your own, how can you beg others to love your life more than you love yours?

    Not to mention the rampant misogynoir. Black males (not surprising as bitched out as they are these days) AND WOMEN spending Thanksgiving cracking mostly anti-black woman jokes… A pitiful people.

  • I think it’s GREAT! Sometimes people need a dose of their own medicine even grown folks.