Cuffing season may be upon us, but for those of you who already part of a twosome, there’s a sexy new way to get fit.

Dubbed Strength Of Seductionthis couple’s workout program promises to help folks “build intimacy through fitness.”

You may have seen a preview of the workout floating through your Facebook feed, which is where I spotted it. But as I watched, I don’t know whether to find a boo and break a sweat, or just watch these couples get it in.

While the whole thing made me feel like I was watching soft exercise porn (and I’m almost sure that’s actually a thing), a quick perusal of the video’s comments tells me I’m not alone.

See for yourself. 


Several people tagged their partners with, “This could be us…” remarks, while others got straight to the point and said it would be very hard to finish the workout.

“How many couples make it through the entire workout without saying fuck it and going all the way?” one woman wondered.

Though the folks behind Strength Of Seduction seem to take their work very seriously (good job, folks!), I wonder how many couples actually workout while watching the video.

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