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Sunday night, the Real Housewives of Atlanta returned with a drama-filled season premiere that had folks talking.

At the center of it all was a fissure in Peter and Cynthia’s marriage that only seemed to get worse after a video emerged of Peter getting a little too close to a woman in his bar.

While Cynthia and Peter are already struggling to cope with his absence–he spends most of the week in North Carolina running his other restaurant–the video definitely seemed to aggravate their problems.

Peter tried to downplay his actions (of course), while Cynthia picked up on her husband intimately grabbing the woman by her neck and whispering in her ear while his hand slid oh-so-close to her breasts.

Peter is an admitted a flirt, but when does flirting cross the line into straight up disrespect for your partner?

Let us know where you come down on this debate in the comments section below! 

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