Twitter was on fire before anyone even had their morning coffee Sunday when feminists woke up to tweets from one half of America’s favorite basketball couple that very much rubbed them the wrong way.

It only took four tweets for Ayesha Curry to trend for the better part of the Lord’s day, ironically for opinion likely rooted in her Christian beliefs, but that many dismissed as sexist patriarchy.

Ayesha certainly isn’t the first person to suggest women could leave a little more to the imagination, but in these hyper-feminist times no one was here for anything she had to say. Especially when women like Amber Rose are walking around half-naked in the name of slut walks and womens’ right to dress and behave however they want and still be respected.

While I can agree the whole classy over trendy remark was rather judgmental and unnecessary, the thing is, Ayesha wasn’t trying to start a cover-up movement. She didn’t even pull a Keri Hilson “If more girls were willing to be ladies, more guys would feel challenged to be gentlemen” move that subsequently got the singer dragged on twitter and IG. All Ayesha said is what she likes to do with her body and in her marriage. It’s everyone else who read into her comments as something more than a clothing preference and even tried to hold her responsible for the way men treat and look at women who dress a certain way ,which is more problematic than anything she had to say. Men need to take responsibility for their own actions and thoughts, point blank period. Besides, given the fact that Ayesha and Stephen are die-hard Christians, why is anyone surprised, let alone mad? Just in the way she said y’all can keep rocking the latest trends, she can stay turtleneck fresh. As long as women are doing and wearing what they want (not what a man wants or says he wants) and not being treated any differently for it, there’s no harm and no foul.

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  • Jcole132

    I don’t see anything wrong with what she said. All I’ve been seeing on tumblr this past week is women upset at her saying that she is “slut shaming”….I don’t see any slut shaming what so ever in her tweets. It seems her words hit a nerve with those that complained because they obviously feel guilty about how they act/dress. If you’re so confident with how you dress/who you are, why do her comments bother you?

  • Rastaguy2


    A Woman can dress as she pleases and say what she pleases (Unless it disagrees in any way shape or form with feminism, or if it seems like it’d be bad for women at any moment of time…… or if someone else decides they dislike what she’s doing/saying)

    Women can FUCK whoever they want. (Unless they’re drunk, then they have no responsibility whatsoever at all, kind of like children)

    Rape is WRONG. (False rape claims however are not. Men, regardless of whether or not they are rapists, are rapists, and most of anything is rape.)

    Women of all shapes and sizes are beautiful. (Feminists will force this down your throat kind of like a -trigger warning-: cock)