The Steve Harvey Show/YouTube

The Steve Harvey Show/YouTube

If you thought YouTubers Lynette Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson’s support of Donald Trump was a sight to see, wait until you catch Omarosa on the Steve Harvey Show later today referring to “The Donald” as “a father.”

During her appearance on the talk show, an audience member asked Omarosa, who gained notoriety from appearing on Donald Trump’s The Apprentice franchise, how she felt about the conservative running for president and whether she thinks he has what America needs. That’s when the outspoken TV personality dropped this confusing gem:

“We have a long history. Donald and I started out in 2003 with The Apprentice, and I’m proud to be a part of that franchise. In terms of him running for president, it’s something that he wanted to do, it’s a dream. And I’m a very loyal person. I know him as a friend, as a mentor, as a father. You all are getting to know him as a candidate. That’s the way you know him. I know him differently. And I will continue to be a friend to Donald Trump throughout this entire journey for him, and hopefully he gets exactly what he wants.”

In other words, she supports him — a declaration that made Steve Harvey say if Trump wins he’ll throw his own name in the running down the line. He might as well with all the clowns in the circus that is this preliminary election season.

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  • Icantstandthekoon

    Girl didn’t he tell you was fired? Now heffa you are working for free. You is a Dizzy ass Angie momma rodeo clown

  • binks

    I can’t really say I am surprised. Is her lips tired from kissing his @ss? Because that is what this statement read as to me. Another one to add to the list. Funny because she is quoted for highlighting white privilege but don’t see how D. Trump is benefiting from it greatly. Omarosa girl bye. But I guess she is trying to get back into working for the White House by any means necessary…side eye.

  • Mali90

    Omarosa, your white daddy doesn’t give two shits about you. I know you are getting a paycheck to support this racist idiot.