Ever since comedian Hannibal Buress called Bill Cosby out for being a hypocrite and an alleged rapist last year, the allegations surrounding the Cosby Show star have continued to mount. To date, more than 50 women have claimed the actor drugged and assaulted them over the past forty years, irrevocably damaging his legacy and putting his freedom in jeopardy.

Though women have come forward throughout the years to accuse Cosby of rape, their concerns were either dismissed or ignored until now. Wednesday, Cosby was formally charged with second degree aggravated indecent assault, a move that was applauded by some and derided by others.

While Cosby’s fate is now in the hands of the legal system, a loud chorus of supporters have taken to social media explain why they think the charges against the fallen star are bogus.

So let’s take a look at 5 ridiculously stupid (and scary!) arguments Cosby supporters are making today.

#1 “Bill Cosby was arrested to distract Black folk from the Tamir Rice case. #StayWoke!”

I suppose the 50+ women who’ve come forward to say Cosby raped them could have colluded with prosecutors in Ohio (or the media?) to “steal attention” from the Tamir Rice case, but I seriously doubt it. While some have used the attention given to Cosby as yet another example of the American (in)justice system’s unequal treatment of Black folks, if anything, Cosby has had a pretty good run, considering he’s a Black man accused of raping multiple white women.

#2 “Y’all still listen to R. Kelly, so leave Bill Cosby alone!”

So, because one rapist has been allowed to evade justice, the rest should get off too? Yeah…no. Absolutely not.

#3 “Arresting Bill Cosby is just a conspiracy!”

I’m not sure what would be gained by such a “conspiracy” since Cosby’s been on the outs with many Black folks since he started focusing all his attention on lecturing young Black people for being young and Black (see: the Pound Cake speech), but some people seem convinced “the man” is trying to bring Cosby down. Never mind Cosby has been close personal friends with “the man” since the 60s, but who cares about details, right?

#4 “Why did these women wait 40 years to come forward?!”

While some allegations do stretch back quite a few decades, this one is just not true. After her alleged 2004 assault, Andrea Constand went to authorities almost immediately. The D.A. in Philly at the time declined to prosecute Cosby for “making a mistake,” which forced Constand to file a civil suit. During Constand’s case, 13 other women came forward as “Jane Doe witnesses,” claiming to have also been drugged and assaulted by the actor.

#5 “Bill Cosby is innocent until proven guilty!”

Yes, this is true. According to the American justice system everyone is supposed to be innocent until they’re proven otherwise. However, it’s quite interesting that when it comes to some of Black folks’ favs (ehem, Cosby, R. Kelly, Floyd Mayweather, etc.), this assumed innocence only seems to apply when women are the accusers. When unarmed Black men are killed by police the same folks who scream about Cosby’ or R. Kelly’s “innocence” are ready to burn the officers involved at the stake. Funny how that works.

What are some of the crazy things you’ve heard from Cosby supporters?

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