You never know when you might be able to unexpectedly bless someone’s life and this heartwarming story is just the reminder we all need to take time out of our busy schedules and pay attention to people around us who might be in need.

When Teves Lee was preparing to close up her Long Beach, CA, hair salon a couple of weeks ago, a woman wandered in asking for a press and curl. Though initially Lee turned her away — because she doesn’t do walk-ins — something insider her told her to tell the woman to come back the next day and that she did.

It was at this point that Lee noticed the woman’s hair was not only dry and brittle, but had debris in it and obviously hadn’t been shampooed in some time. Lee told ABC News she told the client, ‘You’re not in the position to keep your hair done or sleep in places that allow it to stay clean. I convinced her to get a cute women’s cut.”

Though Lee said the woman, who still hasn’t been identified, was initially hesitant to cut her hair off, the phone call she received while sitting in the shop chair was proof she made the right choice.

“While we were sitting there, she got a phone call that said she had gotten a job interview,” Lee said. “I said, ‘Well, that’s a sign. That’s a sign. The job interview was the very next day.”

Unfortunately, Lee doesn’t know if the woman got the job, but we bet she’ll never forget the kindness of the hairdresser whose story has gone viral after she shared it on Facebook. We hope this woman returns to the shop to share good news of a job hire in the near future.

My good deed for the day…. She is a homeless women that came in yesterday for a press and curl…. Now, Y'all know I…

Posted by Teves Lee on Wednesday, December 9, 2015

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