Bill Cosby’s year isn’t ending on a high note, and it shouldn’t. Over the last year, close to 50 women have come forwarded with their stories of drugging and sexual assault at the hands of Cosby, and now, an arrest warrant has been issued for Cosby in Pennsylvania.

The warrant for Cosby is for the alleged drugging and sexually assault of former Temple employee Andrea Constand at his Elkins Park, Pennsylvania mansion in January 2004.

“Obviously we appreciate the expression of confidence in her,” says Dolores Troiani, Constand’s attorney. “We’ll have to see what happens. We hope justice will be done. We will cooperate fully.”

Cosby alleged what happened between him and Constand was consensual, but Constand, who is gay, says that it was not.

Interestingly, the Pennsylvania’s statute of limitations runs out in January.

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  • trueletterson*[email protected]

    NOT SURPRISE, this was set up and a long time coming they looked all over the country to find a jurisdiction that would charge Bill Cosby and they finally found Montgomery County PA where the statue if limitation runs out next week, now when have you ever hear that someone looked all over the country to find a jurisdiction that would file charges against a person that should tell y’all all you need to know. Alert every person male or female who have ever bought a bottle of wine, a bottle of whiskey, a bag of weed, a hit of coke etc. for someone and had consensual sex with them you better be scared and have a attorney on retainer because according to the new PC rules it might come back on you because it’s going to be their word against your word and it will boil down to who do the jury want to believe and not concrete or tangible evidence.

  • Queen Ekuba

    I am shocked at the lengths some people will go to defend certain men. Fifty women have accused Bill of drugging & raping them. Under oath, Bill responded ‘yes’ when he was asked “When you got the Quaaludes, was it in your mind that you were going to use these Quaaludes for young women that you wanted to have sex with?” & yet we are somehow to believe that ALL the women are lying but Bill is telling the truth. Really? I guess the testimony of one man is worth more than that of 50 women, especially if he acts as an ‘upright black man’ on TV while being anything but that in real life. Yes, black people (not just black men, black women too, although the media hardly focuses on our struggles with racism) are punished harsher than white folks for similar crimes. But guess what? The solution is to demand that white perpetrators be brought to book not to demand that all black offenders be left off the hook. This is beyond ridiculous.

    • eLLe D.

      Exactly. SMH.

  • lis

    Hmmm….any psychs in the house because this case is very interesting…..what was Bills motivators?…couldn’t have been sex..women would have done it for free anytime he wanted….so was it anger(at women or ‘the man’)….entitlement of the rich and famous man…..screw loose…what?….and did he pull an Eldredge Cleaver…..’practice’ on the sisters in his old hood and then took it to the white women…cause he was very prolific in what he’s being accused of……so it might have been going on a long time….someone needs to write a book.

  • Delmar Fastion

    Noogoo gonna ride the lightnin soon!