Racists in Brazil may want to think twice before posting racist messages on Facebook. Because their racist posts may end up on a billboard right by their home.

Virtual racism, real consequences,” is a new campaign and it’s using the location on people’s Facebook posts and hunting down the offenders. Once they find you, your message is then posted in your neighborhood.

The initiative was started by the Criola group, a nonprofit that works to defend the rights of black women in Brazil. They started the campaign in response to the racist messages Brazilian journalist  Maria Júlia Coutinho received on Facebook.

Maria Júlia Coutinho/Racismo Virtual

Maria Júlia Coutinho/Racismo Virtual

Coutinho faced backlash after she became the first Black weather forecaster on Brazilian prime-time television, corrected another anchor on air in July. But Facebook commenters didn’t appreciate the fact that a black woman corrected a white woman.

We omit names and faces of the authors because we have no intention of exposing anyone. We just want to educate people so that in future they think about the consequences before posting racist comments,” the project says.

Although the person’s name and face are blurred in the billboards, there’s no doubt people won’t recognize their own embarrassing and racist posts.

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