There’s absentee fathers and then there are troll-like dads like 50 Cent who are hurting so bad, they shame their child in an attempt to blame them for their lack of a relationship rather than fess up to their poor parenting choices. I never thought I’d say there’s levels to the I’m-not-going-to-be-in-my-son’s-life game but there indeed are, and 50 Cent is at the bottom.

Over the years we’ve seen the issues between 50 and his oldest son come to ahead, mostly because of the rapper’s issues with Marquise’s mother. But once Marquise got old enough to understand the reasons for his strained relationship with his dad — and speak on it for himself — the details of their estrangement made the situation not just disappointing, but heartbreaking.

Two years ago, text messages between the father and son were leaked that read more like a conversation between a goon and someone who stole his money. Fifty offered a literal “f-ck you” to his child who was 16 at the time. And on top of calling him an “a–hole,” also told him “I don’t have a son anymore” and said “Tell your mom she won. She has you and ill make another. I will have nothing to do with you. Don’t text me ever again.”

Sadly, 50 did just that, having a son with longtime girlfriend Daphne Joy in 2012 as some sort of replacement it seems. And just two months ago Marquise spoke out saying he’d love to meet his younger brother even though his dad, whom he has no ill feelings toward, won’t allow it. “As far as on my end, it’s all love,” he said. “I don’t have any problems. But maybe one day we’ll figure it out, and everything can be well. But as of right now, our relationship is still strained.”

One doesn’t have to look much further than 50’s Instagram page to understand why. Late Saturday night, the Queens rapper posted and deleted the image below in a move one can only describe as troll-like. No that’s not true; it’s also distasteful and sad.

50 ig

If 50 put just half the effort he puts into terrorizing Diddy, Rick Ross, and his own son on the internet into being a stand-up guy, he’d be father of the year. See, as I said in the beginning, there’s different types of bad dads. There’s the I’m going to act like my kid doesn’t exist even though I know he/she does type of absentee father. There’s the I don’t want to pay child support so now I don’t see my kids dad; and there’s the I’m scared of my responsibilities as a parent so I ran away type of ain’t sh-t man. Worse than all of those, though, is the man so blatantly crying out to be a father but who’s pride instead leads him to embarrass his son with public declarations of disownment, pretending he’s the victim in the situation.

Marquise, who’s now 18, may be an adult in the eyes of the law, but he will always be the child brought into this world through no choice of his own by Curtis Jackson and Shaniqua Tompkins. No matter what Marquise’s mom told him about his father when he was growing up — which we can’t imagine could be any worse than the reality of who he is — Marquise was and still is an innocent child. The one weapon 50 had against the mother of his son was to be the antithesis of whatever lies he claims she’s told on him because, eventually, actions always speak louder than words. Instead, 50 chose to act out, behaving as though his son chose his mother over him rather than being as big of an influence on his own’s son’s life as his mother is.

A child can’t choose his parents and its shameful any mother or father would attempt to pit their kid against the other, but we know this happens all the time, among every day citizens and celebs alike. The mature parent would try to counter that influence of lies; the immature one would rather instigate drama on the internet when a simple phone call and an  honest conversation could mean the beginning of a new relationship — something 50 so clearly desires.

Some might have sympathy for 50 considering his upbringing, but that’s exactly why I have none for him. Curtis knows what it’s like to grow up without a father, and even a mother — his was murdered when he was eight. There has to be some level of consciousness in him that recognizes even though he may not have had an example of a father or exactly know how to be one, this ain’t it. That the old, “he’s gonna have to learn to make it on his own like I did” rhetoric is not only faulty but immoral. That wanting to do right by your second son doesn’t erase the pain you’ve caused the first.

Some of us may get a kick out of 50’s social media antics when he taunts other men of his same means, but his behavior toward his firstborn is, in a word, shameful, and it’s time he was called out on it. The next time 50 sits down to create another vision board with media outlets who laud him as some sort of inspiring visionary I hope actually repairing his relationship with his son rather than rehashing the demise of it in a public forum is the first thing he writes; otherwise I don’t want to hear another word out of his disgraceful mouth.

Check out Marquise’s Mom Shaniqua Tompkins’ Response to All Hip-Hop:

When you post something and delete it shows how much Of a coward you are !! @50cent I know you and know your tactics! I appreciate it ,because the judge will get to see how much of a bully you are. Take accountability for your actions! You don’t have a relationship with my child because you choose not to, you want to bully him, threaten him and talk about his mother in a disparaging manner. I don’t try to mentally abuse my son like you do! I don’t talk about you, your actions speaks themselves. Who threatens to shoot their son on Instagram ? I don’t have to talk about you, again your actions speaks for themselves !Bitter? About what ? I left you!!! I know longer wanted a relationship with you! You’re a fraud and you’re upset I know it ! You created this fictitious character and you try to discredit me because I know the real! I know you made up you got shot 9 times and it was actually 5 because you didn’t want to be compared to Tupac! Remember I was there! I went with you to the police percent to get an order of protection out if Ja Rule, irvGotti and his brother Chris . So please stop! I know you are jealous because, Marquise has a mother that actually cares and loves him and you never had that. You always lived with your Grandparents even when your Mom was alive! I’m not one to ruin someones grandiose idea of themselves but keep my name out your mouth! I will keep posting Boo vs. 50 cent facts I have receipts! #CB4 you are not God, maybe to others but not me!!!

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