We all know about singer Chris Brown’s past crimes, but is he being treated differently than other celebrities who’ve behaved badly? That’s the question some are asking after Brown’s appearance on The Daily Show was scrapped.

According to the Daily Beast, Brown’s upcoming appearance caused “controversy” among the Daily Show staff with many disapproving of the host Trevor Noah’s decision to chat with the singer. While Noah apparently hoped to use the interview as a chance to discuss domestic violence issues, others felt the host–who joked about Brown’s past assault of Rihanna years ago–might turn the whole thing into a punchline.

Brown’s Daily Show appearance isn’t the only thing that got the axe this week. On Tuesday, his Australian tour promoter issued a statement canceling his upcoming shows in New Zealand and Australia later this month. While other artists with sketchy backgrounds and legal issues have been allowed Down Under, Brown has been denied visas by the Ausies, Britain, and Canada.

Brown’s 2009 assault of Rihanna was indeed horrific, but unlike stars like Sean Penn, Woody Allen, Charlie Sheen, or Michael Fassbender he’s still being vilified in the media for it.

Is Breezy’s media problem about race, or something else? Sound off! 

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