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Sunday was a sad day on social media when it came to 3 prominent Black Lives Matter activists publicly going at it. Shaun King, Deray Mckesson and Johnetta Elzie decided to air each other’s dirty laundry all over the Twitter streets.

King alleged McKesson said he was tired of working with Elzie and other women in the Black Lives Matter movement.

Elzie alleged King stole money from his now defunct organization.

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And Mckesson also insinuated that there was something fishy going on with King and his role in his organization.

But King was the only one to bring receipts to the Twitter beef party.

So messy. It was so messy. But as the saying goes, there’s always a little truth in every lie, but who knows who’s telling the truth in this situation. Either way, it looks like there are a couple of egos too big to fit into the world of social media.

Beefs happen. They’re pretty much a way of life. And when they happen, what better way to deal with them than to make fun of them? And that’s exactly what happened on the hashtag #CivilRightsTwitter.

The ingenious members of Black Twitter wondered how would Malcolm or Martin tweet. Who’s DMs would Huey Newton slide into? And what kind of trouble would Jesse Jackson get into had Twitter been around.

And so magic happened:

And then this happened:

Sometimes you gotta laugh, to keep from crying.

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