Ever since Bill Cosby was officially charged with second degree indecent assault Wednesday, the debates raging across social media have been fierce. Many saw Cosby’s arrest as the first step toward justice for his alleged victims, while others saw it as nothing more than a racist ploy to ruin an icon.

Though Cosby’s defenders regularly cite his philanthropic work and iconic TV show as proof the legendary comedian deserves better, others took to Twitter to explain why Cosby doesn’t quite deserve Black folks unconditional support.

In the hashtag #BillCosbyHatesYou, folks have been combing through Cosby’s speeches and interviews to point out the actor’s reliance on respectability politics and his disdain, in their opinion, for Black Americans who refuse to assimilate into white culture.

Take a look.

Want to dive deep into some of Cosby’s more controversial comments? Buzzfeed published an annotated version of the actor’s infamous “Pound Cake speech.”

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  • lis

    I want to thank Jacqueline and Trueletterson for making me rethink some things and I especially thank True for the comment about how Blacks take and take from their heroes/champions and then oftentimes leave them out to dry? forget about them when the going gets tough…I’ve heard that before about our civil rights heroes….many were used up, forgotten about or their families were when they were killed or exiled or got old….I.e Malcolm X’s family were left on their own..Martin Luther King, etc…and I wonder how is Assata Shakur. …..or Stokely….or countless others….I’ve even heard only White radicals care or even remember many of them..dead, in exile or prison…..sigh…We do have a track record of this…THANK YOU for reminding me…and getting me to think….and reevaluate what I’ve said and written about his latest troubles…..You both touched me more than that Coates article.

    I also don’t understand why so many Blacks are taking what Bill Cosby said personally…including the pound cake talk…..from everything I’ve heard him say he’s absolutely correct…..it’s obvious he’s speaking out of frustration and anger and love and pride and hurt….and he’s using metaphors to make his points…….and, yes, he knows that racism and inequalities exist in all parts of America….and yes, inspite of it all he’s saying Blacks can still help and police themselves. …If he didn’t care he wouldn’t have said anything, given his money or time to Blacks….That man did a lot to help and encourage Blacks because he has faith and confidence in Blacks…even if he doesn’t use the most delicate words to get his points across…oh well…even those fake outraged knew what he meant….that man came up at a time when as Chris Rock says, there wasn’t any sitting at the back of the bus…Black people WERE the bus (or something like that)…..meaning he doesn’t have time to hold adults hands..please….
    His adultery?…between him and his wife……
    As for insulting some Black female entertainers…well he could have used other words and not done it publicly but….have you ever seen old pics of Mr and Mrs. Cosby and the other older Black
    entertainers from his day…..They were class, grace, glamour, taste, and beauty PERSONIFIED!….Where are our modern day Lena Hornes, Dorothy Dandridges, or Pam Griers?etc etc….Have you ever seen a young Ruby Dee? CecilyTyson? …Hollywood(why can’t Blacks leave Hollywood to the Whites.let them keep it …but that’s a different story for another day) did them dirty…but they always brought IT!….beauty, grace, class…..That’s Mr. Cosbys foundation and what he revers….I know people will disagree with me and that’s cool….but from now on ill keep quiet when Bill Cosby and the alleged sexual assaults come up.

    • lis

      As for the names Blacks give their kids….someone said mr. Cosby was alluding to the fact that Blacks give their kids these grand and memorable names but what’s the point if they don’t also parent and make their children into useful and productive members of society….I agree with that assessment and I also agree that rap music and it’s culture magnified and exacerbated the problems….As does Mr. Cosby

    • trueletterson*[email protected]

      Amen, say it and tell it from the mountain top!

    • trueletterson*[email protected]

      what can I say I am almost in tears because you let us know that all our young people are not lost because you are mature enough to do some critical thinking, do some research, look in the mirror and reevaluate your position which we all should do periodically especially on critical issue. One thing we must look at and that is who make us turn against our heroes/champions and how do they make us turn on our heroes/champions, the same people who made Jesus the Christ people turn against him made us turn against our heroes/champions, the same people who made us turn on Marcus Garvey is making us turn on Bill Cosby, the same people who made us turn on Malcolm made us turn on Bill Cosby and his wife on queue, the same people who made of turn on all those heroes/champions is going to dig up some dirt, something negative in Dr. Martin Luther King Jr personal life and make us turn on him and help them destroy his legacy. Watch!

    • lis