Ever since Bill Cosby was officially charged with second degree indecent assault Wednesday, the debates raging across social media have been fierce. Many saw Cosby’s arrest as the first step toward justice for his alleged victims, while others saw it as nothing more than a racist ploy to ruin an icon.

Though Cosby’s defenders regularly cite his philanthropic work and iconic TV show as proof the legendary comedian deserves better, others took to Twitter to explain why Cosby doesn’t quite deserve Black folks unconditional support.

In the hashtag #BillCosbyHatesYou, folks have been combing through Cosby’s speeches and interviews to point out the actor’s reliance on respectability politics and his disdain, in their opinion, for Black Americans who refuse to assimilate into white culture.

Take a look.

Want to dive deep into some of Cosby’s more controversial comments? Buzzfeed published an annotated version of the actor’s infamous “Pound Cake speech.”

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