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‘When You Lose Your Mind, It’s as Traumatic as It Sounds‘ — Lisa Nicole Carson

Lisa Nicole Carson will always be one of our faves. From her carefree attitude, natural hair and being an example of what a lot of black women look like, while in the eye of Hollywood, Carson’s mere presence on television was ground breaking. But Carson was also dealing with bipolar disorder and the actress opened up to People Magazine about her mental health issues.

“From the time I stepped away from show business [in 2001] until now, I’ve been on a long, very complicated and challenging journey,” said Carson. “I didn’t know if I was going to make it out.”

“When you lose your mind, it’s as traumatic as it sounds. It’s not anything you can imagine happening to you,” Carson stated.

Carson has dealt with several breakdowns, including one that was in the public eye, but now she says she’s ready to get back to acting thanks to getting the right combo of medications. Carson also says she wants to help others who are dealing with bipolar disorder.

“It’s a risk for me to be open,” Carson stated. “I never wanted to breathe a word about what happened to me. But I’ve had a change of heart. It’s rare for someone who has something as severe as I’ve had to come out the other side, but I’d like to let people know that you can. You can get to the other side.”

“I don’t really have an option to be silent about my illness, although I wanted to be for many years,” Carson revealed. “But since I had a public breakdown, it’s something I felt I had to address.”

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