The LisaRaye McCoy and Avery O. Williams directed “Skinned” was nominated as one of the best independent feature films to be screened at the Bronze Lens Film Festival in Atlanta, Georgia this past November. The film, which tells the story of Jolie, a young woman so uncomfortable in her own skin that she turns to skin lightening creams to alter her complexion, will make its U.S. television premier debut on TV One during the first quarter of 2016.

Skinned tackles the issues of colorism and self-acceptance head on in just under an hour and a half. Due to her misconceptions about beauty the film’s main character Jolie bleaches her skin only to discover years later than her usage of bleaching creams, which often contain harmful chemicals, have resulted in health complications. With the assistance of a psychiatrist, she journeys back to where it all began to face her demons in an effort to sustain her future.

For more information, visit www.skinnedmovie.com and stay tuned for an official TV One premiere date.

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  • Dr.Rue

    Colorism is a serious issue but idk about this movie. I’m sooo tired of seeing darker skinned women being portrayed as the only victims of colorism. Colorism affects everyone. Yes I know colorism affects Darker skinned individuals, specifically women, more but there are other layers to colorism that we really have to address.

    • blogdiz

      Exactly It affects men too Sammy Sosa Taye Diggs anyone ?
      The compulsion of Some dark skin BM to only pursue/procreate white/light and ensure their progeny looks nothing like them is a form of genetic bleaching
      Also it is colorism to try to always portray light skin men as simps soft weaselly “insert any Terrence Howard role here ” not to mention light skin women are often ostracized “think they are all /that not black enough ” even when they are down to earth and dont have an attitude or conversely some light skin women are put on pedestals& do feel entitled think they are all that and are devastated when they realize they cant skate through life on skin color alone
      So yes there are many complexities to colorism , Im tired of the poor insecure dark skin girl who has to struggle to learn to love herself trope.
      BTW I grew up with some dark skin girls that thought they were fabulous and it was other people who were surprised by their confidence like it puzzled them

    • AfroCapricornette

      “So yes there are many complexities to colorism , Im tired of the poor
      insecure dark skin girl who has to struggle to learn to love herself

      Seriously, I thought I was the only one. I’m not implying that this isn’t true for some but the way an outsider sees it, they might assume all dark-skinned BW are insecure and such. As much as I loved the trailer and the production (and seeing a W/African actor in it), I’ve grown tired of watching such plot lines.