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A Maryland man says him and his family has lived in fear for the last 14 months because of a racist neighbor who terrorized them.

Dante, who only went by his first name, lives in Frederick County, MD and says it’s been hell living next to his neighbor.

“I had no idea I was going to come move right next door to hell basically,” Dante. “This entire neighborhood has been terrorized by this gentleman.”

The terrorist has not only put up confederate flags around his house, but he has also threatened to shoot people. And wrote profanity directed towards Dante on his own pick-up truck.

“Threats. Threatening to shoot somebody. If they survived, he’d shoot em again,” Dante said.

According to WUSA, the neighbor won’t face any type of hate crimes, even though Dante and other neighbors say that’s what his actions were. But instead, the unnamed man has one month to move out of his rental home.

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