In response to a threat by Missouri Tigers football players to not play because of the administration’s handling of racial discrimination complaints on campus, a state legislator is proposing that student athletes lose their scholarships if they go on strike.

The proposal comes a month after the University of Missouri was rocked by protests in which 30 black football players refused to show up (which would have cost the school more than $1 million) unless President Tim Wolfe resigned. Days later, Wolfe announced he would step down and Law Professor/Civil Rights Attorney Mike Middleton was appointed as interim president in a decision praised by student activists.

The bill, HB 1743 proposes the following:

“Provides that any college athlete on scholarship who refuses to play for a reason unrelated to health shall have his or her scholarship revoked.”

Brattin’s plan would not only revoke scholarships for any protesting college athlete but would also fine coaching staff members who support the protests.

In addition to First Amendment objections, the bill could face challenges because the University of Missouri athletic department scholarships are raised through private resources and not on state funds, according to the student-athlete handbook. It’s unclear how the bill would affect money the state doesn’t supply.

If this new proposal is approved, it would place the Missouri players in an even tougher position. Should they continue to stand up for what’s right and risk losing their scholarships or should they continue to play to avoid possibly losing them?

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  • Dr.Rue

    All the money that these Black student athletes make these majority White colleges/universities…..yet they aren’t allowed to stand up for justice. This “lawmaker” is basically saying listen up n**gger all we want you to do is play ball for us and shut-up you don’t even have to pass your classes…smh

    • Chazz A


  • Chazz A

    Brattin knows damn well that his proposal is bs! This is an old racist trick, packaged as a bill, to keep these young brothers, “in their place” as they say.

    After Reconstruction, Black people were bombarded with oppressive Black Code laws created to hinder them from standing up for their rights and generating their own wealth. This is the same ish, different situation! Take a close look at the picture above. They ARE the football team. These brothers and all others helped the NCAA hit almost 1 billion dollars in revenue last season. Imagine the fallout if all of these young, gifted, black athletes took their talents to HBCU’s instead. The NCAA would unravel like a 5 dollar sweater! The large predominantly white Universities thrive off the backs of black talent and the black students have every right to stand up for themselves without some bigoted politician pulling biased bill proposals out of his a$$!

    • prosay

      Girlies 101, this is my plantation and I treat my niqqers the way I want.
      It seems that we had a war to dispel this type of mentality.

  • Mary Burrell

    Trying to control and silence black people.

  • mywordsaremypower

    Protest away and see how fast that college loose’s money. You really think other black footballers are going to want to join a university team where the head white scrotum in charge tolerates racism? Like nah these brothers and the ones after them need to start going elsewhere and hit these racists here it always hurts in their wrinkly moneybags.

  • GIRLINA101

    Universities (and their donors) pay the cost to be the boss. The athletes are free to finance their own education or transfer to another school (HBCU, maybe?) if they find the conditions unacceptable. Freedom ain’t free, y’all. Or perhaps, such a proposed bill will motivate these “students” to focus on developing their brains and not just their bodies.