Former NBA star Gilbert Arenas clearly has way too much time on his hands. While he’s been out of the league for the past few years, Arenas still loves to chat about his former sport on social media.

Tuesday, the unmarried father of four took to Instagram to show everyone just how big of a sexist jerk he is when he suggested the WNBA should recruit more thong-clad “cutie pies” to its ranks to boost viewership.

“NOW this is what america was hoping for when they announced the #WNBA back in 1996… not a bunch of chicks running around looking like, cast members from #orangeisthenewblack…dont get me wrong,they have few #cutiepies but theres a whole alotta #beanpies running around,” Areas wrote under a video he shared depicting a group of half-naked women playing basketball.

Female athletes have a difficult enough time being taken seriously without folks like Arenas reducing their skills, hard work, and talent to looks.

Arenas attempted to dismiss those who think he’s (rightly) sexist as “ugly,” but three-time WNBA champion, Swin Cash, had the best response ever.

Go Swin!

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