The NY Daily News has been on a roll recently with its in-your-face coverage and headlines that don’t back away from pointing out the truth.

Case in point, Wednesday morning’s edition of their newspaper and website. Max Paul Friedman, professor of History at American University, points out just how much Trump has in common with Hitler.

From NY Daily News:

There are discomfiting echoes in the increasing tempo of Trump’s invective against Muslims, his insults toward Hispanics and a disabled reporter, and his encouragement of his fans to rough up an African-American heckler — not to mention his strained relationship to the truth. He has endorsed the dubious claims of the Center for Security Policy, an outfit that claims the Muslim Brotherhood is infiltrating America from within. Now he wants to ban all Muslims from entering the country. Before we call him a neo-Nazi, though, let’s look at the record.

When the Nazis took power in 1933, they did not immediately begin a Holocaust in the form of the mass murder of Jews and others they deemed inferior. Instead, they undertook a series of measures designed to separate Jewish Germans from their fellow citizens.

Friedman goes on to ask what exactly are the U.S. citizens doing to fight racism, which is something Trump doesn’t seem to have intentions on doing:

What am I doing right now to stand against American racism?

The deadliest hate crime against African Americans happened not in 1955, but earlier this year in Charleston, South Carolina. More people have been killed by American police this year than any other year on record. The American prison population has grown 1000% since the start of the Civil Rights Movement and has fallen disproportionately on the backs of African Americans and Latinos.

What am I doing right now to stem the rising tide of Islamophobia?

What am I doing right now to show compassion to immigrants who so badly want to call the United States their home?

As Trump proclaims that he would “round up” up over 400,000 immigrants per month for 24 straight months and drop them off at a random location in Mexico, the levels of stress and fear in millions of immigrant families, who simply came here for a better life, have dramatically risen.

While our own Congress refuses to enact any meaningful, substantive immigration reform, the dangerous “rounding up” rhetoric only makes matters worse.

I applaud the NY Daily News for their coverage recently. They’ve shown that media can be used for good and that it can point out someone’s racism. People always want or expect media to be unbiased, but sometimes bias is needed. Sometimes people need to be put on blast, and the NY Daily News have been doing just that.

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  • RaiseTheBar

    Clutch, this is a timely article.

    As a Native New Yorker, I remember the Central Park Jogger’s case.


    DUMP trump came for blacks first. During the 1989 Central Park jogger’s case he took out a Full Page Ad calling for the Death Penalty of 5 juvenile males who were wrongful convicted and incarcerated for an offense that was later solved with DNA evidence (S.T.E.M.) and the confession of a sole offender.

    So, when Dumpster Trumpster spouts his divisive, deflective rhetoric, I’m impervious to this Mob Mentality, Reactionary Behavior the Dumpster crusades.

    I have yet to hear him address a platform for TAX Reform Policy for the Wealthiest Americans of his ilk.

    His strategy: Inundate the Masses with rhetoric that will incite a lack of cohesion for meaningful POSITIVE changes which is all geared to keep him and his Billionaire elitism the Status Quo.

    • Chazz A

      His strategy: Inundate the Masses with rhetoric that will incite a lack of cohesion for meaningful POSITIVE changes which is all geared to keep him and his Billionaire elitism the Status Quo


      Great post RaiseTheBar! I would like to borrow the quote above to use in my discussions with my inner circle.

      I’m from BK, born and raised. This is the Trump most people are unaware of and his lynch-mob antics towards the 5 brothers was damn near criminal. He hired a team of investigators to dig up dirt on their families, he publicly demonized the brothers as criminal animals out for blood and took his death penalty hate campaign to the airwaves, ie Howard Stern show. He even put up a Billboard in Flatbush near Ocean Pkwy that read (Central Park Five: Bring back the death penalty, bring back our Police)
      The seeds of hate that Trump planted eventually grew into Mayor Fool-liani’s criminal Stop & Frisk program and all hell broke loose.
      He is a racist, divisive, arrogant, wind bag Fascist and his wealth and access to resources make him dangerous to black people, including those Bishops, if he becomes Prez,!

    • RaiseTheBar

      “This is the Trump most people are unaware of and his lynch-mob antics . . .”

      WE Know!!! — US New Yorkers — Black Women and Black Men in cohesion; WE know the Dumpsters and the Fool-liani’s..

      Feel FREE to use my words wherever they can Help US stay WOKE!

    • I didn’t know that you’re from New York until today Sister. A lot of conscious people are from NYC.

    • RaiseTheBar

      Yes Truth,

      Born, Raised and mis-Educated in the NYC; but, DAD did not allow us to become embodiments of our Enslavers — Eurocentricity in Black Face.

      So, schooling and navigating the Capitalistic Corporate World of Manhattan, NYC, stay WOKE and Don’t Take that Trash Home.

    • Exactly.

      I’m from Virginia.

    • RaiseTheBar

      Yes, I did remember you are in the South.

      Born 1983 if my MATH is correct??? — The same year as one of my Millennial nieces?

    • LOL.

      You’re right. Enjoy your Day and I appreciate your wisdom a great deal.

    • RaiseTheBar

      SORRY, I will edit prior comment, because too much of your personal info.

    • Bless you like always. Also, I do admire your passionate advocacy of STEM fields too.

    • RaiseTheBar

      BLESS You TRUTH!!!

      For Me, Like I Always Tell My Nieces: It is ALL about YOU, THEM.

      S.T.E.M. is Pro-action —-> less Re-actionary. Not dictating STEM careers for ALL, but at the very least, RESPECT, VALUE and APPRECIATION of STEM.

    • trueletterson*[email protected]

      you are right, I agree with you and also advocate STEM to our young. I had thanksgiving dinner with family members and some others and there were a Indian family having dinner with us they had a three year old boy and they were so proud that their three year old son was taking classes and could already read, he went to class thanksgiving morning. I look at my son and said to him “do you see what your daughter is up against in this supper competitive world” these people are not playing around they are quietly trying to win, they are not asking nobody to do nothing for them and their children they are organizing classes for their young themselves to make sure and keep them ahead academically in this supper competitive world. Peace.

    • RaiseTheBar

      “…these people are not playing around they are quietly trying to win, they are not asking nobody to do nothing for them and their children they are organizing classes for their young themselves to make sure and keep them ahead academically…”

      THIS!, You are WOKE, so you Get It!

      Now, spread this TRUTH every opportunity you get, Blessed One. Peace Be With You.

    • trueletterson*[email protected]

      as you do I try but mostly they turn a deaf ear and turn to focusing on promoting the agendas of others which makes no sense to me however I will not stop advocating STEM and trade school to our young people because I personally know if our children focus on STEM, college education and trade school it’s only win win for them. Peace sister

    • Chazz A

      Right on my sister, word is Bond!

    • Mr Randall K

      You seem to have an intense hatred towards Donald Trump.
      I am originally from NY as well, White Plains and I honestly believed that Donald Trump’s real estate projects improved New York City.

    • Chazz A

      No, not at all. Hatred is a waste of energy and a by-product of fear. I have no fear because I have an inner peace that cannot be disrupted.
      White Plains and Brooklyn are two very different worlds.
      Therefore you and I have two very different viewpoints.

  • ♎Lauren♎

    This is call good damn journalism in my opinion. Isn’t journalism not about the facts? Is racism not a fact? Does it not exist? NY Daily News FTW!

  • The article is correct.

    Hitler and the Nazis believe in condemning non-whites, promoting discrimination, and promoting hatred among human beings who are of a certain background. Trump has done the same. He has gone out of his way to advocate Muslims to not travel into America. He has made many sexist remarks. He supported a black protester being assaulted by an irate mob. He has also disrespected the innocent Central Park Five. His rhetoric is evil and dangerous as we know that hate crimes against Muslims have occurred recently. It has occurred in NYC when one Muslims was assaulted. It happened in Texas where Muslim women (who wore hijabs) have been harassed and verbally abused by racists. It has happened in other parts of America where mosques have been threatened and many mosques have been vandalized. There has been a pig heads placed near a mosques in Philadelphia recently. This hate from Trump should be condemned. We believe in religious freedom.

    We believe in opposing police terrorism while Donald Trump has opposed the agenda of protesters who advocate police terrorists to be placed into prison. Trump’s xenophobia is truly wicked and he doesn’t care about freedom or human rights. For Trump to support stop and frisk and other retrograde policies makes him not to be trusted. Also, the Nazis believed in racial profiling and marked Jewish people with star of David symbols on them. That sounds familiar. Muhammad Ali is a courageous Muslim who opposed the Vietnam War and gave inspiration to the youth worldwide. Kareem Abdul Jabbar is a Muslim with a great amount of consciousness. So, Trump is a liar, a fascist, and a threat to freedom.

    We believe in the fight for equality and justice. We want black people to be liberated.

    • Adebisi’s Hat

      Tell it, Truth!

    • Thank you Sister.

      It has been over 70 years after World War II, so I made a re-commitment to study WWII in more detail. Now, I understand more about the war from the breakdown of the League of Nations, Japan’s invasion of China, the invasion of Poland by the Nazis, the blitzkrieg, and to Nuremberg.

    • Adebisi’s Hat

      Good for you, Brother. I only wish more of us would follow your example and make an effort to educate ourselves. Lord knows the education system in this wilderness of North America wasn’t made for us, so if we don’t take it upon ourselves to learn/relearn, we’re forever doomed.

    • Helena-violet

      Hi, truthseeker! Just want to say that I ‘ve read articles from Clutch Magazine for a month and I really really love your comments here!!! U are such an intelligent person and your ideas are very inspiring and thoughtful.

    • Hi Helena-violent

      Thank you for your words. While we here on this Earth, we are always called to help others, learn wisdom, and promote the truth filled with inspiration, zeal, joy, and love. Life is a life long learning situation and I’m glad to show what I know and also learn from others.

    • Helena-violet

      U are so right! I am very interested in topics about racism, sexism, and colorism especially how people of color have been negatively affected when we live in a white supremacy society. I was researching online magazines which talked about topics related to racism and sexism a month ago and that’s how I found Clutch Magazine and your insightful comments here!!
      I believe the journey to fight for racism and sexism is still very long, and I am glad that we can learn from each other in these conversations.

    • We certainly want the system of white supremacy to end, so a system of justice can exist. We do realize the scourges of racism, colorism, sexism, and classism must be eradicated. Therefore, we can learn from each other. There has been people of color being made the scapegoats falsely for everything evil in the world. We know about how black people resisted oppression (from slave revolts to black people fighting the War on Drugs) and other people of color too (like how the Vietnamese defeated French imperialists too). We certainly have a long way to go. There is still the epidemic of sexism in the world. Any woman on this Earth should have equality and their autonomy must be respected completely. We still will fight racism too. Also, I’m glad to learn from each other too.

    • Helena-violet

      Nailed it!!
      It’s really nice to talk to you and I hope you had a wonderful day.

    • You too.

    • Mr Randall K

      I understand your feelings on the Central Park five. But the Hitler comparison is a tad bit overboard. Donald Trump is no where close to Hitler’s racist rage. You do know that Hitler tried to exterminate Jewish people into extinction, right?

    • I don’t believe that Trump is equivalent to Hitler. I never mentioned that. I do believe that many of the ideologies of the Nazis are similar to the ideologies of Trump. I will never relinquish that viewpoint for no one on this Earth. You can disagree with me and that’s fine. Also, I know about what Hitler did (he exterminated Jewish people, black people, Gypsies, etc.). I also know that Trump is an advocate of massive Islamophobia that must be condemned completely. Trump is an extremist and I have no respect for his extremism.

    • Mr Randall K


  • ctrldwn

    You have to feel sorry for baby Bush. He spent millions upon millions of dollars, a war chest, and he’s not even leading in the polls. That’s like sports team manager spending 100 mill on a hyped athlete and the first game of his career, he suffers a career ending injury.

  • Objection

    I don’t support Donald Trump, but this article is garbage. I’m calling Godwin’s Law. The author of the article is Max Friedman. Max is just trying to sale his books on Nazi or get his name in the media.

    If Max was serious, he would have used prior U.S. Presidents instead of Hitler. Everything Hitler did to Jews, U.S. Presidents did to Native-Americans and slaves for a longer period of time. Trump didn’t learn his foolishness from Hitler. His foolishness started with Thomas Jefferson and works its way up to George W. Bush.