The NY Daily News has been on a roll recently with its in-your-face coverage and headlines that don’t back away from pointing out the truth.

Case in point, Wednesday morning’s edition of their newspaper and website. Max Paul Friedman, professor of History at American University, points out just how much Trump has in common with Hitler.

From NY Daily News:

There are discomfiting echoes in the increasing tempo of Trump’s invective against Muslims, his insults toward Hispanics and a disabled reporter, and his encouragement of his fans to rough up an African-American heckler — not to mention his strained relationship to the truth. He has endorsed the dubious claims of the Center for Security Policy, an outfit that claims the Muslim Brotherhood is infiltrating America from within. Now he wants to ban all Muslims from entering the country. Before we call him a neo-Nazi, though, let’s look at the record.

When the Nazis took power in 1933, they did not immediately begin a Holocaust in the form of the mass murder of Jews and others they deemed inferior. Instead, they undertook a series of measures designed to separate Jewish Germans from their fellow citizens.

Friedman goes on to ask what exactly are the U.S. citizens doing to fight racism, which is something Trump doesn’t seem to have intentions on doing:

What am I doing right now to stand against American racism?

The deadliest hate crime against African Americans happened not in 1955, but earlier this year in Charleston, South Carolina. More people have been killed by American police this year than any other year on record. The American prison population has grown 1000% since the start of the Civil Rights Movement and has fallen disproportionately on the backs of African Americans and Latinos.

What am I doing right now to stem the rising tide of Islamophobia?

What am I doing right now to show compassion to immigrants who so badly want to call the United States their home?

As Trump proclaims that he would “round up” up over 400,000 immigrants per month for 24 straight months and drop them off at a random location in Mexico, the levels of stress and fear in millions of immigrant families, who simply came here for a better life, have dramatically risen.

While our own Congress refuses to enact any meaningful, substantive immigration reform, the dangerous “rounding up” rhetoric only makes matters worse.

I applaud the NY Daily News for their coverage recently. They’ve shown that media can be used for good and that it can point out someone’s racism. People always want or expect media to be unbiased, but sometimes bias is needed. Sometimes people need to be put on blast, and the NY Daily News have been doing just that.

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