Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 9.57.07 AMIf we had hours upon hours of time to spend rehashing history, we’d detail every single time Raven-Symoné opened her mouth and offended someone. Suffice it to say, it’s happened a lot and, ironically, the one time she apologized for her words it was to someone who should’ve been able to take it: Nene Leakes.

If you recall, we weren’t exactly here for Nene’s crocodile tears after she accused the women of The View of being “mean girls” and looking down on her when she appeared on the talk show panel November 17. In a followup appearance on Watch What Happens Live, Nene specifically called out “a couple of people on that panel who were very shady” and when asked if Raven was one of them, Nene said “probably.”

Now in an interview with E! News Raven sort of half-heartedly apologized to Nene for how things went down, though she’s not exactly sure what even went down.

“I feel sad for her. She came to my house party,” Raven said. “I don’t understand what happend. But that’s her right if she felt that way, just like our opinion. That’s her opinion. Sorry girl. My bad.”

We’re guessing news of the feud was literally news to Raven who, despite being dragged on Twitter nearly every week, claimed she doesn’t pay attention to negative commentary — especially when it comes to her personal opinions.

“I’m in a job where it’s about opinions, and it’s about my opinions on certain things. Everyone gets scrutinized for their opinion, even though this is America and we’re supposed to have free speech. You still get scrutinized. You still get penalized. And I think the best way that I can handle it is, say my peace, stand behind my truth, and move on myself. I don’t read comments when they’re negative and nasty.”

She must not read a lot at all then. We do hope this apology business becomes a trend though.

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  • lis

    Daaaaamn! Is Raven deliberately trying to make herself unattractive? that’s not even a Halloween do….damn…that’s all I got.

  • i mean

    I watched the episode, Raven was rolling her eyes and mean mugging Nene. I’m not sure why apologizing to Nene is so out there. She was a guest on the show, when you invite someone to be on your show you engage them. Unless of course it is someone with actual clout. This was a reality star promoting her stint on broadway. Apologizing is what a professional does

  • Prof. Genie

    I will go out of my way to make no time at all for Raven in 2016. I think that she says things for attention at this point. It didn’t begin that way but now she is just going with it.

    She is THAT girl from school. She doesn’t need money but she needs what money can’t buy.

    And The View loves it b/c good or bad, at least people are talking about their tired show.