Apparently, being allowed to close out this year’s Soul Train Music Awards wasn’t enough for R. Kelly. Now, he wants y’all to buy his new album too.

The controversial singer recently took to YouTube to make a plea to Black people to support his latest record, The Buffet, which sold around 28,000 copies since it was released on Friday.

During the video, Kelly attempted to shame Black music lovers, telling them, “We gotta start supporting each other.”

“I bust my ass going around doing shows to survive, but I do this for the love,” Kelly said. “But come on, at some point we gotta start supporting each other. Everybody supports every other category of music, we gotta start supporting each other.”

Kelly, who went on to complain about his lack of support, not only by music fans, but also his record label, concluded: “I want my people to get behind me.”



I suppose Kellz could chalk his lack of sales up to Black people not buying “real music” these days, or perhaps, folks just feel some type of way about hearing songs about sex from a pedophile.

Or maybe it’s just me.

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  • Li

    I think he’s out of touch with music today. He’s a very good songwriter for OTHER artists, but I’ve never liked him singing his music. His “I think I can fly” has a good hook, but the lyrics are just meh. And he’s made a ton of money off of that one song.
    Most artists are now 360 artists: they do everything they can to make buck – tour, events, Broadway, TV, movies, etc. He should stop considering himself just a singer.

  • JML

    R. Kelly is not a pedophile by the strict definition of that term. A pedophile is an adult who has sex with a prepubescent child. Kelly is an ephebophile (the primary or exclusive sexual attraction to people in their mid to late adolescents). Biologically speaking, people in their mid to late adolescents are young adults. In many or most countries, people around that age are legally allowed to have sex or marry an adult of any age. I think it’s strange for a 30 year old man to be primarily or exclusively attracted to a woman of that age but it’s not pedophilia, which is deeply wrong and fucked up.

    • Michael Lewis

      It’s statutory rape whether you make that distinction or not. It’s an arbitrary distinction the law doesn’t make. If my daughter was 12 instead of 15 I wouldn’t think his sleeping w her was somehow sex between consenting adults. Do you know who Jared the Subway weight loss guy? He just went to prison for years because of the same thing R. Kelly has been accused.

    • JML

      Statutory rape is a legal term. I’m speaking in terms of ethics (the philosophy of morality). The field of anthropology has taught me that people often follow a moral prescription as a matter of tradition or custom. Our culture effectively extends childhood all the way to our early twenties due to the needs of the industrial system. That is largely the reason why we have our current views on teenage sexuality. A fifteen year old female may be young but she is not a child. I merely think that R Kelly was too mature for her age, and sexual urinating is disgusting.

    • Michael Lewis

      Your ethical quandary ignores the mental maturity of the rapist and his victims. The brain does not fully mature until 25. R. Kelly is famous, rich and deviant. His appeal to a 15 year old with limited experience is coercion at best and predatory rape more honestly.

  • Michael Lewis

    12 play album bump and grind summer bunny remix and Sadie. Pure classics.