Rachel Dolezal has had one hell of a year and is the poster child for “When Life Come At You Fast.” One day she’s working for the Spokane NAACP, the next day she’s being outed by her family. And all of this would have never happened if she didn’t lie about being black.

Dolezal is now pregnant, and struggling to get by, according to a recent article in Broadly. Her drop prospects have been grim. Former friends have dropped her. And she just doesn’t understand why.

But where can a ethnic-wannabe go when they still want some shine? Instagram of course.

Dolezal was spotted wearing her ‘ethnic bohemian’ weave from Boho Exotic Studio.


We see she still has her bronzer on hand, which she admitted to using in the Broadly interview. One has to wonder if she received the weave for free, since she also stated in the interview she’s pretty much broke.

I guess you can’t really knock her hustle.



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  • kc

    Modeling “hair weave” , what next?

  • Lisa

    She looks pretty good as “black”.

  • caligirl

    she reminds me so much of this crazy white bitch i used to live next door to who would sit on her porch and watch my every move. one day i was coming back home with groceries in my hand and she stared at my grocery bags until i walked inside my door! looking at my groceries so hard that she didn’t even notice that i was watching her as she did it…

  • Zorino

    I’m starting to think Clutch Mag gets paid every time they write a Racial Dolezal article.

    Come on, folks let it go.