Fox is diving headfirst into the police brutality headlines with a new thriller series titled Shots Fired. The show, created by Love & Basketball Director Gina Prince-Bythewood and her husband Reggie—stars Sanaa Lathan as an investigator in a Tennessee town who works with a Department of Justice-sanctioned prosecutor.

Variety reports that the series “follows the aftermath of racially charged shootings” and that the lead characters “navigate the media attention, public debate and the social unrest that comes with such volatile cases while also attempting to seek justice before the divided town erupts.” Prince-Bythewood most recently directed the highly underrated 2015 romantic drama Beyond the Lights.

“Gina and Reggie have crafted a profoundly moving portrayal of a timely and sensitive issue that pervades our culture at this very moment, Fox’s entertainment president David Madden told Variety.

Shots Fired has just recently received the green light so we’ll keep you posted on a premiere date as soon as the info is available.

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  • mywordsaremypower

    It’s on that Faux network, i’m side-eyeing. Anything to gain profits of an issue instead of actually doing anything. I’m pretty sure the woke side of America is aware of racial shootings and you don’t need a show to gloss it over. The side that is unwoke already cannot tell the difference between reality and reality so how will this show help I don’t know.

    • BlackGlamour

      right; they say lets jump on this hot topic, as if it’s some fvcking trend, people and their lives and the lives of the familes are greatly altered!

    • RaiseTheBar

      SOLELY: For Profit$

      from the suffering of others.

  • I want to see a TV series that shows the epidemic of police terrorism and how the police institution has many members who smuggled drugs, worked with organized crime, and other things (like shows that call out the system of racism/white supremacy by name). The whole truth must be shown. I have no issues with Sanaa Lathan (she is a very intelligent, talented black woman). I do believe that many of these shows (that talk about police brutality issues in mainstream networks) will sugarcoat many of the serious epidemic of police terrorism. We shall see what this show will entail.

    • RaiseTheBar

      I agree regarding Sanaa.

      I cannot watch; the premise alone causes me to believe it will exploit our pain.

    • I understand your sentiments Sister. The pain is harsh and we will carry on.

  • Icantstandthekoon

    This is the same network that want to place the blame on victims and slander them while making the police officer to always be in fear of his life. Now they want to advertise a show like they want to make people to enlighten what is going while bringing pain to family members who lost their love ones to real life police brutality. They are about fucking with black peoples minds. Fox clearly doesn’t care about black people but they love to exploit us. They figure if they can get millions of black people to watch empire weekly when it air then they can get another show that draws black peoples interest too to make them millions as well.

    • FOX has that love for money at the expense of our struggle as black people. You have outlined great points.

    • bluelight74

      It’s a classic tactic. It has gone on for thousands of years. Play both sides of a conflict. Make money in the middle. Currently the West arms both sides of a war and profits. Fox spews venom and lies on their news networks then makes bs shows featuring black people, and we grin and go along with it.

  • This better not be about the black cop shooting a white teen, I read some article that this is what the show is going to be about. I like Sanaa so I wanna support but if its about that, it can miss me.